“Meet America’s Race Czars: A Shadowy Bureaucracy Deciding Who’s ‘Black Enough’ to Get Government Perks”

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Most Americans do not realize the full extent to which a racially based spoils system is fundamentally embedded in American economic life. They know about affirmative action in school admissions (though many mistakenly believe affirmative action is a “tiebreaker” as opposed to an enormous boost for the recipient). But the racial spoils system in America reaches much further and deeper into the very marrow of our Regime. Countless employers adhere to a racial caste system in order to avoid running afoul of federal civil rights investigators. 

To get access to big government contracts and set-asides by major corporate actors, you need to be the right race. So, how is that decided?

For that, you can turn to a little known organization called the National Minority Supplier Development Council. The NMSDC’s goal is to help minority-owned businesses secure more business contracts, through relationships with both government and hundreds of major corporate partners, ranging from Facebook and Google, to Ford and GM, to Walmart and Coca-Cola.

Why do you want to be certified as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)? Easy: Because right now, in supposedly “white supremacist” America, there are limitless opportunities to receive explicit racial preferences for your business as long as you are not a member of the wrong (i.e. white) race. Hundreds of corporations are on the hunt for “diverse” suppliers to hit diversity quotas, and any business with an MBE certification has permission to join the feeding frenzy.

According to the American Community Survey, Indian-Americans have a median household income of more than $135,000, the highest of any ethnic group in the United States. Filipino-Americans and Taiwanese-Americans are both above $100,000 as well (white Americans have a median household income of $67,000). No matter! The real purpose of the regulation is to exclude and punish white Americans, not uplift the downtrodden.

The article then goes on to describe several cases where white owned companies, not eligible for spoils, arrange for it to look on paper like some minority or another substantially owns or participates in the company when really they don’t. This “fraud” (really the system itself requiring such tricks is what is fraudulent) then lets them proceed as usual with the tolerable cost of paying off the minority whose name was used. In the examples, this was later found out and prosecuted and as the article describes:

There are no allegations of shoddy work, deficient materials, or systematic overcharging. No, the only crime alleged against McPherson was a racial one. He was guilty of profiting while white.

This is the reality of economic life in America. The 14th Amendment may explicitly prohibit unequal treatment under the law, but that amendment has been thrown in the garbage by the nation’s courts. Now, we have a new, unwritten constitution of racial spoils. On the basis of this legal regime, cartels have emerged to leverage “civil rights” laws and racial justice mobs that are too intimidating to take on directly, but whose cooperation can be bought for a price. Such is the importance of these cartels that it is simply impossible to understand how modern corporate America truly functions without first understanding the interplay between such racial spoils cartels and business.

That this is the way the country works is horseshit. There is little doubt of that. Why that is the case is obvious enough and needn’t be rehashed here. But why does it work this way? The traditional normiecon explanation for this is that it is a way for leftists to buy minority votes. They offer and provide dem programs when elected, and so minorities vote for them out of self-interest and wanting a piece of the spoils system. For the most part and for a long while dissidents have felt this is more or less accurate, and went a bit further than normiecons in documenting the many such cases that can be found and all the bad things that result.

But actually, that explanation doesn’t work. Elections are fake and who voted for who doesn’t matter very much. Sure, there might be some differences in voting thanks to this propaganda program, but if there was ever a doubt of an election going to either a sincere leftist or a conservative from backlash, the elections and primaries would be rigged to ensure an establishment stooge got in. Hard to say how much minority votes legitimately changed as a result of propaganda compared to how much that change was played up as a cover story for politicians everyone hates continually winning. Stooges always betray their bases. Obama didn’t leave the middle east or close Guantanamo bay, for example, so it isn’t like its only the right which has RINOs [entryists]. Even if it is probably worse for us.

So we have to go back to the drawing board. If its done this way not really for the sake of elections and pandering to voters, then why is it done? Well let’s think about it. Its not done because minority businesses etc are actually more competent and make better products. Most of the time the opposite is true. Systematic racism is a horseshit concept; if minority owned companies were better the contracts would have just gone to them without the need of a quota. So that isn’t it either.

The racial spoils system is meant to benefit minorities, but when it comes to the really big, important positions and contracts, the ones which actually confer a measure of power, money, influence and control, how many actual beneficiaries are there? Just getting into this school or that school or being hired for tech support work over some poor white dude doesn’t really count here because that doesn’t confer any power. What that does do, however, is provide a cover story for the more important allocations of power. I guess we can’t know for certain, but I would be willing to bet it is a very, very small percentage of the minority population which actually accrues substantial benefits, as opposed to token ones, from this system. So this has an added benefit of not only offering a cover as to why whites are getting passed over, but also makes your average swarthy probably feel like he is not getting much benefit out of it thus proving white supremacy is still rampant. On average duskies probably don’t get all that much from the system. Just token hirings really for jobs that aren’t all that great anyway. So, instead of sniffing out what is actually happening more racial animus is created. Just as planned.

Affirmative action and its related memes are meant as a cover story for the real purpose behind the general erosion of meritocracy. The real reason for this erosion is not to help minorities, but that there is a special club, most often referred to as a cabal or the cabal in recent years, that you and I aren’t a part of. Affirmative action provides the cover story for why members of this club, or at least public faces under their control, seem to breeze into getting all the cushy gigs and contracts despite many other and better potential options. You are supposed to think “its just those crazy leftists and their shitty philosophy,” not “its a special club who promote controlled members to all the good, high profile positions so they have absolute control.” Have you ever wondered why so many rich tycoons and actors and whoever else never seem to leave much of an inheritance to their kids? Its because they signed on the dotted line to be money managers for the club. They get to play the part of rich tycoon and have a lifetime of ease in exchange for following orders, but when they die they have to give the money back. It was never theirs. Same thing with big companies shitting away their profits on absurd political NGOs that almost everyone hates. Doing such things completely flies in the face of corporations supposedly having profit motives as their main concern.

You might not believe what I described above. I didn’t either for a very long time. But over time and on the weight of the evidence from many different angles, I have come to accept that this is a better description of reality than the common myths we were raised to believe. Meritocracy, self-government, voting. All that shit is a bunch of lies fed to us to keep us docile. I recommend looking at Anonymous Conservatives daily briefs because he offers several data points to this effect every day. Eventually you will see the truth of it yourself.

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  1. How do we purge recalcitrant bureaucracies? Seems Stalin is the only one who effectively got control of the bureaucracy by controlling personnel.

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