Free book: Smart and Sexy: the evolutionary origins and biological underpinnings of cognitive differences between the sexes

The book has been out since 2016 to generally positive reviews. Most people who have read it, have liked it. The book represents years of research and provides an account of sex differences in intelligence that can’t be found anywhere else. In short, progressivism prevents most candid discussion of these truths from being possible and most academics avoid the topic because it would not help their careers. As such, finding such a complete and honest account elsewhere is difficult to the point of impossible.

Previously, the book was only been available through purchase. However, having discussed this with the publisher, Arktos, we both feel that many people who get a chance to read the book for free will recognize its quality and eventually want to either purchase a physical copy for themselves or as a gift. As such, we are now making the following electronic copy available for free. Please look through it, and if you value what you can learn from it, please support myself and Arktos by purchasing your own copy. [makes a great gift].

Direct link to the PDF file for the book. There is an embed further down.

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Download (PDF, 2.6MB)

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