The Dark Enlightenment in less than 500 words


The Dark Enlightenment, or neoreaction, focuses on the fundamentally flawed tenets of modern western culture.

Common ideas:

[Author’s note: This is the description portion of the old sidebar from /r/darkenlightenment, which was one of the first things I wrote when I became attracted to the community. Now that the sub is out of my control, and is likely to be completely gone in short order, it was time to preserve this somewhere else. It is probably one of the most efficient descriptions of neoreaction and DE available anywhere, and I have been complemented multiple times on it for that reason. It had to be efficient because there was a 5000 character limit at the time. I have gone through and updated the broken links. There weren’t too many of those, anyway, but I did find it notable that discover magazine seems to have purged the majority of Razib Khan’s old blog posts for heretical race realism. For the complete sidebar with various additional resources that is now being used for the replacement ruqqus community, please see this page.]

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  1. Can you do me the favor of explaining the symbology behind the Crab and the Ace. Do the connections within the Ace refrence a systems complex emergence, or more reducably, the Cathedral.

    1. I put it together because the old symbol hadn’t changed in a long time. The crab is a reference to Carcinisation, a specific example of convergent evolution. Like in nature, human institutions also evolve and tend to also have convergent evolution. One of moldbugs themes was analyzing history of politics from an evolutionary perspective. The spade represents aristocracy traditionally. As well as the sword.

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