“Updated govt. numbers on brain injury cases paid in federal vaccine court”

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The Department of Justice (which defends vaccine makers against injury claims in court), and its expert pro-vaccine medical witnesses, secretly acknowledged that vaccines caused autism in the tragic case of 9-year old Hannah Poling; her father, a pediatric neurologist; her mother, a registered nurse and attorney.

To some extent, I think there is an issue with calling vaccine caused brain abnormalities autism, even if there are similarities. Part of the problem is there isn’t any specific chemistry test or gene which can be looked for and called autism. You have to get a therapist, and the therapist does a number of sessions and interviews and provides IQ tests and a few other question and answer tests and then if they think its autism then it is autism. So in some sense “autism” is a bit of a catch-all term for a series of behavioral characteristics and symptoms. In all likelihood, different diagnoses of autism likely have fairly different causes. There is a lot of leeway here to call things that aren’t actually autism, autism.

In my opinion, Autism proper or traditional autism as has always existed is something that is in effect prior to the person even being born. It starts during critical brain development stages in the womb. I wrote about this in my book, here is the excerpt of that chapter:

Going back to post-vaccine “autism.” I can actually fully believe that vaccines in early childhood could cause brain-damage, especially after seeing what can happen with the death jab. And some of the symptoms might superficially be similar to autism symptoms. But I really, really don’t think vaccine caused brain injuries should be described as Autism because autism is caused by offset hormone balances in the womb. Calling vaccine related brain injuries autism obfuscates the cause of the harm and mixes them in with a pool of already existing people who have issues for reasons unrelated to vaccines. Were I a conspiracy theorist, I might even suggest that this obfuscation has been intentional. It provides plausible deniability and doubt where it doesn’t need to be. If it was called vaccine related brain injury, no one would be wondering if they were part of the naturally occurring autism group.

Sorry if this sounds pedantic, I have a similar gripe about calling a high concentration of low density lipo-proteins “high cholesterol.” I hate these sort of unnecessary inaccuracies and I suspect more might be behind these (mis)labels than simple incompetence.

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