“TRust thE Sicience!!!1#” or the case of dietary Cholesterol being bad for you.

I mentioned in the previous article on vaccines (other than the death jab) causing brain injuries in children that I disliked how low-density lipoproteins are referred to as “Cholesterol.” Calling these injuries Autism is, in my opinion, similar to calling blood lipid transport “cholesterol” in that they are needlessly inaccurate and give a wrong impression. I made a comment to this effect on AC’s site about a month ago, so I am reposting that comment with light editing because its a useful data point about “trusting the science”.

As far as trust the science goes, not even including the now known corruption, the example I like to point to is the decades long defamation of dietary cholesterol. Which is not the same as blood “cholesterol.” In the last few years they walked back that dietary cholesterol was all that bad or even had much impact on blood lipid levels. It isn’t bad to eat high cholesterol foods, such as eggs, anymore. Your body makes cholesterol naturally, and it is more likely that the carbohydrates you eat are being converted into these lipids rather than being much of a result from dietary intake of fats. But the point is, these scientists were absolutely, retardly, sure of themselves for decades, and they finally admitted they were wrong. The scientific “consensus” if that is what it is, although “narrative” might be a better fit, has been quite wrong in the past. And this is a great well-known example of it changing. It also isn’t nearly as politically charged as the well-supported evidence for racial and sex differences in intelligence. Even so, pointing this out probably still won’t help pea-brains understand that the “experts” don’t always know what they are talking about. However, if in an argument with friends or family about the covid vax, its a nice uncontroversial data-point you can bring up showing that the consensus doesn’t always get it right and can stick stubbornly to being wrong not just for weeks or months but for decades.

More than that, what they always referred to as blood “cholesterol” was actually low density lipid proteins. Since fat is insoluble in water, proteins act as a bag to hold them to transport lipids in the blood. Low density means a full bag and high density means an empty bag (more protein relative to lipids, lipids being lower density). As you might surmise cholesterol is only one of the things carried in these bags so saying “blood cholesterol” was always hand-wavy and inaccurate and didn’t well describe what they were actually referring to. Was that purposeful? Some dickhead decided it was a good idea for some reason. Don’t know who or why. It isn’t like my analogy is that hard to understand.

Moreover, cholesterol is pretty important for getting cell membranes the right consistency, especially in the brain. Cell membranes have to have a very specific melting point and concentration of cholesterol in the membrane helps adjust it to the right point. Its a major component of the myelin sheath in the brain, making it really important for proper brain function. The brain has the highest concentration of cholesterol of any organ as a result. Do you think your brain would better if it had lower cholesterol than it needed? In addition, its an important precursor to hormones such as testosterone and estrogen and a number of others. So actually, its a pretty important thing that is indeed needed. Honestly, given its important to sexual differentiation and brain function, someone might suspect the defamation of cholesterol all this time wasn’t entirely innocent or due merely to incompetence.

Update: Briggs has a related discussion on Expertology.

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