Polarity Shift #4: The abolition of blackness

Welcome back, folks, to another episode of “Polarity Shift” where we take anti-white screeds, rants, and other related incoherent babble and replace the original target (whites or white males) with a “protected” group such as Jews, blacks, lesbians or maybe even a black, Jewish lesbian to offend everyone all at once. It truly is amazing how quickly the march of progress can be transformed into evil Nazi hate-speech. The previous episodes can be found at these links: Episode 1, Episode 2, and Episode 3. If you or anyone else know of any other leftist sputtering in need of a polarity shift, leave a link in the comments below.

I was made aware of this latest anti-white propaganda thanks to a post by Malcolm Pollock. You can see the original story here.  A liberal shithole college called hunter college, which is part of the City University of New York is offering a course called “the abolition of whiteness” in full seriousness. Mr. Malcolm has found a very insightful analysis of the left’s operating principles by John Glanton at Social Matter, which I will repeat here.

You have to admire the Left for its clarity of vision. It has identified its enemies, and it does what it can to drive them from the field. The recent fireworks in Indiana are a perfect illustration. Team blue knows that Christians are hateful homophobes, and so it goes to bat for the right of homosexuals to sue them over wedding cakes. The Right, with its characteristic acumen, mistakes this bushwhack for a principled stand. “Ah!” they say, “But if you support the right of a gay man to force a Christian to make a cake then you must support the right of the KKK to force a black baker to make a cake!” The average liberal couldn’t imagine a more irrelevant rejoinder. They aren’t making any such proposition at all. In their calculus, Christians (of the Not-fans-of-Pope-Francis type at least) are the bad guys and thus their interests are hateful and invalid and must be opposed. The KKK are bad guys and thus their actions are hateful and invalid and must be opposed. You attack bad guys. You don’t attack good guys. Whence the confusion?

During last years iteration of the “class” a flyer was posted which contained a description which you can see at the end of this post. Let’s polarity shift this, shall we?

The Abolition of Blackness, by Moonman

This course offers an overview of black inferiority studies in the United States, a subfield within white exceptionalism theory, focusing on concepts of criminality, intelligence, impulsiveness and resentment resulting from inferiority and drawing on texts from psychometrics, history, evolution and natural selection, and sociobiology, we’ll be examining how blackness – and/or black criminality, violence, and lack of achievement – is intertwined with the biological realities of evolution, genetics, race, intelligence, time preference, and ethnicity.

A petition for this course is on file with the College Senate so that it fulfills white nationalism and homogeneity parts 1, 4 , or 8

Here is a picture of the flyer for the course in a previous year, which was the inspiration for the above:

Hunter college racist class. Abolition of whiteness studies.
Totally not racist, because it hates the right people.
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  1. No one took the pull tabs off the bottom of the poster. Does that mean that the “students” are actually to figure that this is BS?

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