The Lifting of the Veil

The author of this document is a leftist, and at times I disagree with his sympathy for leftist groups and causes. For example, MLK was a communist. However, I really disapprove of how the alphabet agencies infiltrate groups to entrap people and/or create false flag events. There is a saying that half the white nationalists in various organizations are actually undercover FBI agents. They often seek out very mentally disturbed people, convince them to do something awful so they can arrest them and pat themselves on the back like they actually accomplished something. It ruins someone’s life who should have been given help and also gives the public a false belief that a terrorist incident was averted. This kind of behavior is dishonest and spreads false beliefs. It can be used to target groups with any political orientation, including those who work to improve white identity. This stuff really shouldn’t happen. Anyway, it pieces a lot of interesting things together and I thought it was worth rehosting it.


Download (PDF, 2.6MB)

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