Smart and Sexy

Smart and SeXy: The Evolutionary Origins and Biological Underpinnings of Cognitive Differences between the Sexes

Smart and sexy is the definitive book on sex differences in intelligence. With over 300 citations of peer reviewed scientific articles, it describes the latest science on cognitive differences in the sexes without being hampered by political correctness or feminism. Reviews and excerpts are included below.

Original Announcement.


Paperback and E-book Update: The E-book is now available for free.


My podcast interview with Red Ice Radio

Live interview with Davis Aurini (Aurini has been banned from youtube, sorry.)

see also my review of Cordelia Fine’s testosterone rex with Red Ice Radio


Counter Currents: Why most high achievers are men [Deutsche Fassung] [Traduction Française]

Amerika [Also take a look at my interview with Brett Stevens.]


Pseudo-science and bias in the academic establishment

Autism and the extreme male brain

Women and the University

Physical differences between the sexes

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