Toilet Paper Hoarding and Bidet kits

I have gone to the store twice in the last month, and both times they were completely out of toilet paper. Not that it matters much, since we had a fair supply even before people started to panic. I get why people would hoard food, or face masks, or hand sanitizer given the Corona virus pandemic. But toilet paper? Its a testament to the low IQ of the polis. Not having toilet paper is at most a minor inconvenience. A bucket of water and a rag could serve in a pinch. The ancient Romans (re)used a sea sponge on a stick. You could collect leaves if you got really desperate.

However, since this is apparently going to be a common problem now, I will make a suggestion which will be useful even after the pandemic finishes. That is the easy to install bidet kit, otherwise known as the “bum gun.” It is pretty much the same thing on the side of most kitchen sinks.

It costs between 30 and 40 dollars on amazon, and the only things you need to install it is a wrench and a screwdriver. Here is an instructional video below. Installation will take at most 30 minutes.

I think for most people, once they get used to the bidet they won’t want to go back to just toilet paper. Its common knowledge that paper will never get you all the way clean like water will. Plus, if you only need a bit of paper at the end to dry off you will end up saving a fair amount of money on TP in the long run so this is an investment that will be useful in the short term to deal with the hoarding, but will continue to produce savings in the long-term as well.

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  1. I ordered one on Amazon earlier today. Unfortunately, since Amazon is only shipping critical items it won’t ship until May. Might be smarter to go to Home Depot or Lowes for an in-store purchase.

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