Why games go politically correct

Before gamergate was a thing, I wrote an article on how the Mass Effect series got progressively worse because of typical prig prog antics. Given that most gamers are apolitical and generally dislike preachy politics being added to their games, it isn’t obvious why game companies would be so willing to throw profit out the window to accommodate SJWs. While this trend is typical in most media, the following video persuasively shows that the likely reason is the preponderance of radical leftwing gaming journalists who write the reviews. Any one journalist isn’t that important, but those reviews are aggregated by the site metacritic and as a whole poor reviews from prig progs can have important economic impacts. The video is well-researched and worth a watch.

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  1. Same SJW dreck that has wrecked Star Wars and Marvel comics and will almost certainly ruin the Marvel Universe movie franchise. The point is never to please fans but to promote the current social/political fad and any fans who object to this are vilified. It is the exact reverse of “the customer is always right” and any company that falls for this nonsense will find its bottom line shrinking and, if the SJW cancer is not excised swiftly and completely, will result in the ultimate demise of the company.

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