“Criminal Collusion: FBI Illegally Leaked Privileged Project Veritas Communications and the NY Times Illegally Reported on Them”

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The FBI raided Project Veritas on a pretext and is now leaking their privileged communications to the New York Times…PV is currently in litigation with the New York Times [which] makes it all the more appalling that the NYT would be publishing Veritas’ privileged communications.

The premise for the raids on current and former Project Veritas employees as well as co-founder James O’Keefe was the Ashley Biden diary. The creepy details about her relationship with her father drew much fodder since the raid as conservative media outlets homed in on the Democrat’s family issues. But with these latest developments, early theories that it was all a smokescreen to gather different information from Project Veritas seem more plausible.

federal judge blocked the FBI from accessing more data from O’Keefe’s phone, but at least some if not all of the damage had already been done. The memos in question from Project Veritas attorneys were likely extracted from O’Keefe’s mobile device.

So the FBI took his phone, and is deleting the files off of it? But not before copying them so they could leak them to someone else? But not just anyone else; the New York Times that is currently engaged in a lawsuit with PV? This sounds too bizarre (and should be illegal) to be true. But there are no laws in this country anymore so I bet we can expect more of the same. Most “Journalists” are probably doubly employed by intelligence agencies to shape the narrative as well. The New York Times and the FBI having such a close relationship is thus not a surprise. In some perceptions, you could probably consider them a single organization.

Its pretty holy shit how in your face “We raided them over the diary” is just an excuse. If I were to guess, they wanted intel on on-going operations so whoever was doing it could be put under surveillance and/or warn the targets since project veritas tends to embarrass quite a few Deep State assets. And of course help NYT with the ongoing lawsuit, but that is probably secondary in my opinion.

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