has been removed from the internet

I predicted in my last post that the unbelievable censorship initiated by google and other internet companies, which is ostensibly about the alt-right, would end up targeting pizzagate related pages and videos. Actually, videos on youtube had already been being targeted for a while, but I suspected this would be ramped up considerably., which is probably the most visible website on the topic and one I have linked to in the past, has been taken down:

Fortunately, you can still view the contents on waybackmachine. I don’t think it is a coincidence that the main pizzagate website was taken down during this purge while our attention is focused on the alt-right content being removed.


Satanic ritual descriptions discovered at pedophile’s home in Seattle:

Bonus 2:

30 things worth knowing about pizzagate
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    1. No idea. Probably the same sort of thing. The unofficial government and their proxies in the corporate world are working double time to cover up what ever they don’t like.

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