Review of the Adnauseam (Ad Nauseam) adblocker and how to install it on chrome

So in my recent post, I went over google’s new and extreme policy of censorship. ¬†I suggested that everyone install the adnauseam¬†adblocker because it blocks ads, obviously, but also because it spoofs the ads by sending fake click data back to whoever delivers the ads. That means it sends google a bunch of fake data which should undermine advertiser confidence in the company and hopefully destroy their bottom line should enough people get in on the action. With its handy whitelist feature, it also allows you to continue to support the content you want. If google can decide who to demonetize, why shouldn’t we all get to do the same?

Anyway, here is a video review I made where I go through the features available, show you how to whitelist the sites who you think need the support, and also how to install it on google chrome if for some reason switching to a different browser isn’t an option for you. I don’t usually make videos, but its better in this instance because you can actually see me do the things with the extension as I do them.

Edit: I didn’t remember my numbers on color blindness very well but I opened up Smart and Sexy to remind myself. 9.5% of women are heterozygotes for a specific type of color blindness. 5% of men and .25% of women actually express the trait. The actual % for color blindness is actually a bit higher because there is more than one mutation that can cause variations of it and this is only the most common type.

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