Clown World with Will Ferrell

The material and imagery in this post is disturbing and graphic. Be prepared.

Before continuing, watch these skits with Will Ferrell and Eric Wareheim that aired on the “Tim and Eric Awesome Show” on “Adult Swim” on cartoon network in 2010. It is done in the style of a local, low-budget commercial/infomercial from the 80s or early 90s.

I know these skits will make you want to cut your ears off and will leave you feeling sick, but its important to understand what these people are actually like so take the time to view them. It is important that you know that these people actually exist and many of them occupy influential positions in media, business, and government. If it is too disturbing, which for some is quite possible, I do analyze screenshots step by step below very thoroughly. If youtube deletes this video, a copy is available at this link.

Does this seem funny to you? Even slightly? Or does something seem profoundly morally reprehensible about it?

Let’s go over the imagery and statements present in the video. I am going to interpret the symbolism the best I can, but you should leave room that some is more speculative and I can’t guarantee I will see every piece of symbology present. The overall theme and message of the video leaves no ambiguity however.

The first thing you notice is the incredibly jarring editing. This video is VERY annoying even before considering the more nefarious symbology present. Blaring sirens, chopped and rapidly repeated voice. Very quick edits. Speeding up and slowing down of voices to give an eery quality. If I were to guess, this is exactly the sort of techniques implemented when these groups torture their victims. Specifically to prevent sleep and cause sleep deprivation, cause disorientation, and loss of ability to understand what is actually real, and make them extremely compliant to suggestion. Very MKUltra-esque. That gets more explicit later.

Don’t think to hard, these sirens will help silence your critical faculty

In addition, this style prevents the user from focusing on any one thing long enough to really evaluate what they are seeing objectively. It kills the attention span. While this is an extreme example, fast editing techniques have become fairly ubiquitous in media since around 2000. Compare any documentary put out today, to ones like “the ultimate guide” series in the 90s. Its like night and day how unwatchable modern stuff is with all those quick edits and jarring sound effects. My belief is this was done intentionally to lower people’s ability to focus.

The next scene shows a storefront for the “Child Clown outlet.” They are “very cheap” and “fresh.” There is no subtlety here folks, this is store for child (sex) trafficking and slavery. Fresh I assume means very young, including infants. “Outlet” probably has double or triple meanings. Its a name for a store, obviously, but it also could mean “let out” your inhibitions and/or demons on doing sick shit, and also letting out the child slaves from their cages, which you see later in the video. “Let out the child clowns then let out your sick fantasies on them.”

Store for Child Sex Slaves dressed as clowns

While I was aware of a number of pedophile code words from previous work on the pizzagate scandal, this is the first time I have seen the clown used. Q uses the term “Clowns in America” frequently to refer to the CIA. I believe this is the origin of the “clown world” meme which has been making the rounds, and may not be entirely organic. Clown world implies a false world conjured up by “clowns” or intelligence psy-ops agents. My best guess is that these “child clowns” are CIA assets used in blackmail operations on influential figures such as those previously ran by Jeffrey Epstein, which would explain why they are very cheap for the people getting ensnared. These clips substantially predate Q, which also implies “clowns” was not a term invented by Q but a euphemism or code word used internally by the CIA for these projects or themselves as a whole. “Clowns” make sense since they are performing for the public to steer their perceptions of reality to a false world which would be comical if it weren’t so sick. It also seems “clown” has been a pedophile code word for a while. “Clown world” could be a suggestion not only of ubiquitous psy-ops, but also that we are in a world ruled by pedophiles. We do have a lot more than we knew.

Update: My family decided to watch “Home Alone 2” again for Christmas, and there is Pedo symbology in there as well, including a clown reference. In the beginning of the movie, Kevin goes into the bathroom where his uncle is taking a shower because some batteries for his recorder is in there for some reason. At first he tells his dad he doesn’t want to go in there because “Uncle frank says if I see him naked I’ll never grow up feeling like a real man.” Already that seems like a reference to abuse. While in there Kevin records his uncle singing, but is caught. Uncle Frank yells at him an calls him a pervert, an inversion of reality. Later in the movie, Kevin scares off the hotel employee using that recording and a clown balloon puppet in the shower. Drawing attention again to the overly sexualized scene in the beginning of the movie, and adding in clowns for good measure.

There are a few other suspicious things in the movie, such as Kevin getting a cheese pizza from the hotel, and the bill at the end showing a 900 dollar bill for all the “sauces” Kevin got. Pizza and sauces both being pedophile code words. Then there is the odd way Macaulay Culkin turned out. He apparently talked about the satanic Hollywood elite live on a radio program in France. (Note: magic wands are made out of holly wood). He also has a band called “Pizza Underground” which covers songs but changes the lyrics to be about pizza.

I don’t know why I didn’t think of this originally, but the clown thing is probably a reference to the serial killer John Wayne Gacy. He performed as a clown for children’s parties while sexually abusing and murdering 33 teenage boys in the 70s. “Clown” then is probably a pedophile who also kills his victims. Probably a sick inside joke and code word with these people. “Clowns in America” takes on a whole new meaning.

John Wayne Gacy dressed as Pogo the clown

Update finished. Back to the video analysis.

The operator’s name is “Mahanahan.” If you pronounced the first part a bit like Vince McMahon from the WWE, then the word sort of sounds like “Man’s hands.” I am not sure that specific part was intentional, but it wouldn’t surprise me. It brings to mind “Man Handling,” or rough physical treatment and abuse, which fits the overall theme of the skit. Few elements in these symbolic videos are left unconsidered. And also, “man hands” are specifically used later on. That name is also almost a palindrome, but I am not sure if there is any significance to that.

The next scene shows Ferrell encouraging you to come down to his store, and then his face is edited with a heat mirage type of effect you could expect in a burning hell while his face gets redder. In addition, he screams and this is sped up to increase the frequency thus making it sound more like a child’s scream:

“Let out” your inner demons and abuse children

The demonic symbology is pretty obvious here. Ferrell lets out or channels demons, and you hear the scream of the child he is abusing.

Ferrell then goes on to say,

“You know you are going to love my clowns. I bred them myself. These clown’s come from Donnie’s seed. Why try some other man’s seed?”

Seed being a euphemism for sperm produced by men, which implants the woman with a baby. Besides the homosexuality reference which is actually the lessor evil in this quote, it is implied that these children are specifically bred to serve the purpose of child sex slaves, potentially within the occult members own families since it is of “Donnie’s own seed.” This suggests a very organized and potentially large operation. Sacrificing one’s own children is the ultimate sign of dedication to the cult.

More speculatively, for Christians, “Donnie” here might be a reference to Satan since “Abaddon” is another name for that. Seed is potentially a reference to the Nephilim. Here is a summary of Daniel interpreting the Dream of Nebuchadnezzar. One interpretation of that is that the Fallen angel’s seed and the seed of man, Adam, are the two parts of the clay and Iron feet that won’t hold together. “As you saw the iron mixed with soft clay, so they will mix with one another in marriage, but they will not hold together, just as iron does not mix with clay.” Also remember Mathew 24:37 “As in the day’s of Noah, so will the coming of the son of man be.” The days of Noah were allegedly marked by lots of hybrids, and Noah was chosen because he was genetically pure. It might also explain why these people so specifically hate Christians. After all, god ordered them to be completely genocided in the old testament. [Side note: even if you think all of biblical aspects are BS, or are a Christian who don’t agree with these interpretations, these pizzagate elites are cultists who have spiritual beliefs and likely take the bible seriously even if they have a wildly different interpretation of it. You don’t have to believe it in order to take seriously the consequences of their belief.]

Caged and abused children

Some children are kept in cells and cages. All of them are profoundly sad and disturbed at their abuse. They are animated as well, making the effect even more disturbing than in a still-shot. One is so young it can’t walk yet. The style is somewhat reminiscent of the blue’s clues children’s show. That shows host also has unconfirmed allegations he was a pedophile. I don’t know how likely that is to be true, I haven’t looked into it.

Here is a more zoomed out screenshot:

Here are some zooms of individual slave children:

Ferrell goes on to describe how he stores his sperm (seed) in bags and tubes.

The tube used has a phallic shape. The biohazard exaggeration for semen is also used later on in a different scene.

He then says

“Put it in your wife, you’ll get a clown in 9 months. The women I breed with are clean and have real clown traits.”

Clown = Babies. Just in case it wasn’t obvious yet, they wanted be absolutely certain that you aren’t confused about the euphemism.

Ferrell then says

“The women I breed with are clean and have real clown traits. Look, I’m a clown breeder. Its in my blood. Its in my balls.”

Then he points to his Testicles. Mainly, this is saying that what is going on is very much a family affair. The cult is more or less hereditary in that cultists bring up their children in the cult. Some of the women are part of the cult/agency while others may be an earlier generation of sex slaves.

Ferrell then goes on to explain why his “son” being a pedophile isn’t his fault.

“It’s not my fault my son touched those clowns. He broke the golden rule, never touch the clowns, let the clowns touch you.”

Are you laughing yet? I’m not. This might be a good time to remind you this was on Cartoon Network, a channel aimed at children.

This part ends with a baby crying, then Ferrell abuses the children by hitting them with a cane and his hand.

Crying Children getting hit by Will Ferrell.

He then goes on to say

“I told him [his “son”] to use a stick to ’em. Did he listen? Hey, that is for a jury to decide.”

They know what they are doing is illegal and utterly evil, and corporal punishment with a stick is a way to control the children or kill them so they can’t talk to law enforcement.

Ferrell then gets mad because the children are still crying,

“For the last time, Quiet,”

he yells at the kids. Then he breaks the fourth wall to whisper to the audience,

“I am going to have to put them in cages they can’t see through.”

Sounds like advice to child abusing customers.

Marc Detroux, in Belgium, was a child sex slave trafficker for the local elites who was caught in the mid-90s. The children couldn’t see out of his cage, either. This is the cage he kept kids in:

Marc Dutroux | Photos 3 | Murderpedia, the encyclopedia of ...
Hidden door to Marc Detroux’s child sex slave cage.
Marc Dutroux: Mother of Belgium's most notorious child ...
Inside the child sex slave cage of Marc Detroux

Next, Will Ferrell says,

“Hey, this is Gabriel. I made him, he’s fresh.”

Besides the obvious of a severely frightened, abused baby, allegedly his own son, you will notice Gabriel is wearing a phallic shaped hat with the satanic rainbow flag, which has two blue balls, or testicles, hanging off of it. Blue balls being a term for pent-up sexual lust (and physical fluids) pedos want to “let out”.

“Not a good time right now. I’m going to have to bury him in the back if he keeps acting like this.”

Ferrell’s response to Gabriel’s crying is to murder him and hide the body.

Gabriel is also the name of the Archangel who explained the previously mentioned Daniel’s visions to him. A double meaning of killing an Archangel would make sense for satanic symbology, and lends support the symbolism is indeed referring to that part of the bible.

Ferrell talks about killing a child, and then hiding it by burying him in the backyard.

The first clip ends here with a monochromed Ferrell, with fake bad teeth and a (blood?) red “great job!” Hardly. I am not sure what the meaning of the teeth might be. The first thing that comes to mind is the stereotype of Brits having bad teeth and maybe a reference to the British royal family, prince Charles and prince Andrew. They are known to have associated with infamous pedophiles like Jeffrey Epstein and Jimmy Savile.

The video then goes on to the second clip which features one of the Shows creator’s rather than Ferrell. This is Eric Wareheim. The name sounds Jewish, but I could find no confirmation. [His co-creator, Tim Heidecker, unsurprisingly, went on to write songs about killing Trump and about Richard Spencer’s haircut]

A clown baby falls from the sky into one hand, and a nursing mother falls from the sky into his other hand.

Wareheim then says

“You’ll take care of my clowns like you take care of your children”

and then sticks out a serpent-like tongue and wiggles it. A slurping sound effect is added over it.

This is the tongue of Baphomet, a common rendition of Satan though the two might technically be different. Baphomet and Satan both are often depicted with their tongues sticking out. You see a lot of celebrities sticking out their tongues as well.

The Devil tarot card

Miley Cyrus, Robin Thicke: Best MTV VMAs hair with Ben ...
Miley Cyrus is one of many celebrities regularly making this symbol.

It is a symbol of lust and unconstrained sexual desire, and is also a biblical reference. Isaiah 57:

But you—come here, you children of a sorceress,
    you offspring of adulterers and prostitutes!
Who are you mocking?
    At whom do you sneer
    and stick out your tongue?
Are you not a brood of rebels,
    the offspring of liars?
You burn with lust among the oaks
    and under every spreading tree;
you sacrifice your children in the ravines
    and under the overhanging crags.

The use of the tongue here combined with the phrase “like you take care of your own children” and the general context is showing that these cultists commit sexual abuse and incest with their own children, then sacrifice them. There isn’t much room for an alternative interpretation here given the context of the rest of the skit.

Gun violence in America: the fires of Moloch - AMERICAblog News
A rendition of child sacrifice to Moloch as discussed in the Bible. The fire makes the hands of the bronze statue very hot and the baby scorches to death when placed in them. Loud horns and drums are played to hide the baby’s tortured cries. The descendants of these people are still with us today.
A large fire is set in the base of the Moloch idol, which heats up the whole statue. Babies are then placed in the slots alive, where they are scorched to death by the heat.
The statue on display at the Roman Colosseum is similar to this depiction of the pagan deity Moloch from the National Cinema Museum in Turin, Italy. | Wikimedia Commons/Jean-Pierre Dalbéra
A statue of Moloch recently erected outside the Roman Colosseum.

Less commonly, Moloch is represented by an owl, which has a somewhat similar horned appearance.

Moloch: | Occult in 2019 | Jesus painting, Sacred art, Occult

Bohemian Grove And Moloch Worship
The owl version of Moloch being worshiped by Global elites at Bohemian Grove as shown in The Alex Jones documentary.
My favorite street art in rapidly gentrifying Houston, Texas. : evilbuildings
Frost Bank Building in Austin, Texas. Unofficially known as the Moloch building due to its resemblance to an owl.

This may also be related to the Greek/Roman god Chronos or Saturn. Saturn was known to eat his own children for fear of being usurped. He is also the inspiration for the grim reaper who also holds a sickle. Horns existing in related depictions being references to Saturn’s rings only partially visible. In the Chronos representation, the sickle represents the rings rather than the horns of Moloch. How the ancients would have known about Saturn’s rings is anyone’s guess.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 250px-Rubens_saturn.jpg
Chronos, or Saturn, eating one of his sons other than Zeus, or Jupiter. Chronos in this picture is holding a sickle representing the Planet’s rings. Saturn is the inspiration for the grim reaper who also carries a sickle.
Planet Saturnus
Saturn’s Rings have the shape of horns or a sickle when partially obstructed.

The symbol for Saturn:

Kind of looks like the hammer and sickle symbol of communism with some minor adjustment and rotation, and of course has a sickle. Food for thought.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 150px-Hammer_and_sickle_red_on_transparent.svg.png

In an odd synchronicity, one of several I have had while writing this post, I came across this image from Ninja Turtles from an unrelated youtube video.

I think the following is from a comic:

Cudley the Cowlick (S.I. Herbert - from 'A Visit to Stump ...
Cuddly the Cowlick is a Moloch and Saturn reference snuck into the popular kids show, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

The symbolism is all tied together here. This is “Cudley the Cowlick.” He is “a trans-dimensional being. Cudley is able to carry individuals in his mouth and carry them to foreign planets and realms.” The bull head is obviously Moloch, he has rings around his neck in addition to the horns, and just in case you weren’t sure, the planet Saturn is added in there for good measure where the partially obscured rings resemble horns. He “carries people” to “foreign realms” (death) by eating them (cannibalism). TMNT is a show directed at kids, and normalizing having their heroes eaten by a bullhead is telling and a reference to child sacrifice to Moloch. Children viewing this are trained to think it is cool to be feed to the cow, or sacrificed to Moloch. The fact the turtles are always obsessing about pizza, a pedophile codeword, is also telling.

Cuddly the cowlick looking drugged with semen coming out of his mouth.

Once you know to look for this symbolism, you start to see it everywhere. Pretty much every single one of your favorite movies, shows, and other media will be ruined once you start to notice.

The clown skit then moves on to an instructional video so “you can get the most out of your child clowns.” A dog carriage is then carried by two adults and is set down. The door is opened and there is a child dressed as a clown, looking quite miserable.

More children in cages.

“When your child clowns arrive, they may not want to come out of their carrier. If shyness occurs, gently tap on the clown box,”

says the narrator.

Woman taps on dog carrier to encourage child slave to exit
A different child slave, demonstrating 2 children were being held in this small carrier. Also the way it is cut is a bit disorienting. The first child sex slave just disappeared.

Wareheim then states

“These child clowns come hungry as a horse.”

The final word is very drawn out “Hooooorse” and the host makes a riding gesture. Said this way, it is very similar to the word “whores” and is meant to bring to mind sexually “riding” the children. And also, the children are intentionally starved as an additional form of torture. [Sidenote: The English language has many homophones with double or triple meanings, one esoteric, one exoteric. You spell words, and you cast spells, often in writing. A chapter of a (spell?) book, a chapter of a secret society, etc. Double meanings are popular in coded symbology in popular media]

Sorry for the blurriness, it wasn’t possible to get a non-blurry still frame of this. Refer back to the video for the full scene.

The instructional video narrator says

“The first thing a child clown will look for is food.”

The second child is then shown digging through a garbage can where he finds a Banana peel to eat.

“Child clowns are not fed in their clown boxes, so expect them to arrive very hungry”

continues the narrator.

A starved child sex slave digging through the trash to find food.
This scene of the child banging on the bars is cut to when the Narrator says “child clowns aren’t fed in their boxes” which is chronologically out of order; creating more disorientation.
Having slave children eat garbage.

The trashcan shown is then pulled away, and is replaced with a bowl of food on the floor. The child is fed like a dog.

Feeding slave children like dogs.

The same sick slurping sound effect from the devil tongue scene is added while the child eats. Specifically, the tongue reference is made again as the child uses his tongue to lick what looks like sausages. An oral sex reference.

It then goes back to Wareheim who says,

“My child clowns are blind, they will eat anything.”

The host then pantomimes with his eyes covered, and opens and closes his mouth making oral sex sounds. Covering one eye is common symbology, I am not sure about covering two. The mouth movement, however, is clearly about oral sex from the children.

The children in the video clearly aren’t blind by the normal definition. Purely speculatively, the trauma suffered by these bred children can create dissociative disorders with multiple personalities. The jarring nature of the videos and the siren like effects hint at these techniques being intentionally used to create this state. The abuse taking personality may be hidden in the subconscious most of the time, hence the children may be “blind” to the abuse after it is completed and not directly remember it consciously. A convenient effect for the abusers running this sort of operation.

Some “clown snacks” are then shown. “Wetfood logs” being a euphemism for a penis. Wet is probably a euphemism for semen. Probably the sausages previously fed to the child slave in the previous scene. Grounded beef at the bottom is hard to see, and almost looks like “groin.”

The first child is then shown being dragged against his will while the narrator states

“Your child clown may be reluctant to perform in an amusing fashion.”

Are you amused yet? How might these people be “amused” by the clown?

A child sex slave being dragged by adults against his will

The adults drag the first child sex slave to a podium to “perform.”

The narrator continues,

“We recommend Mike Mahanahan’s Child clown poison spray.”

The child is then sprayed, and goes from traumatized to dancing happily.

First thing, there is a cut where the first child is replaced by the second inexplicitly. This is probably done to create or demonstrate disorientation and confusion about what is real, an important part of trauma based mind control techniques. Also, a common effect of many drugs.

Then there is the poison used on the kids. While I don’t doubt they would use actual poison in getting rid of their slaves, I don’t think that is what is being referred to here. Poison in this context actually refers to drugs given to the children so they will have an attitude more pleasing to their abusers. Its another one of those double meanings.

The same drug euphemism is used elsewhere, like in Helena Beat by foster the people. That song itself starts with the same sort of jarring sounds of sirens and chopped voices used in this clown video, and the context of using drug “poison” fits in with the general theme of abuse in the lyrics with the singer being tied to a chair. It also has its own baby symbology. The music video probably deserves its own analysis, but not here.

Yeah yeah and it’s okay
I tie my hands up to a chair so I don’t fall that way
Yeah yeah and I’m alright
I took a sip of something poison but I’ll hold on tight

If you are already tied to the chair, why do you need to hold on? What is he holding on to?

The scene moves back to Wareheim where he says, again exaggerated,

“That KID’S UP SIIICK! But not too sick. Too much poison and you got a dead clown on your hands. It’s useless.”

During this, a child clown falls from the sky which he catches. On the last line he throws it on the ground angrily. The message is, don’t give your child sex slaves too many drugs or they will die of an overdose, making them useless for further abuse. Mega-democrat donor Ed Buck didn’t follow that advice with the black male prostitutes he regularly hired.

The narrator continues,

“Our clowns can perform up to 12 hours at a time, but they might get tired and try to rest.”

Wareheim says,

“You got to keep ’em awake!”

then forces his eyes open.

We have seen that most famously in Stanley Kubrick’s “A clockwork Orange” in the reprogramming scene. Its another MKUltra type reference. Its also another hint about intentionally creating multiple personality disorder in these slave kids via trauma.

Kubrick’s work is full of this sort of disclosure and a lot of people have spent much time in analyzing it. He also unexpectedly died shortly before the release of “Eyes wide shut” which allegedly had its whole ending revamped posthumously. That’s another rabbit hole I encourage you to look into elsewhere.

PREVIOUS - Battle of Ideas - "Reconsidering A Clockwork Orange" at the Barbican, 29th October 5 ...

Wareheim then says,

“Go ahead, use my horn”

and the scene shows the woman using an airhorn to wake the child sex slaves.

So, here we have a triple meaning. Loud sounds like from an airhorn used to induce sleep deprivation in mind control programs. “Horns” on animals are phallus-shaped, so he is telling you to use his penis on the children. And lastly, Moloch is often depicted with horns.

Notice the costumes have also changed, creating more disorientation. One is very pink, which makes me think of gender transitioning, which is being heavily pushed recently. And a rainbow wig replaces the blond wig. Not sure if there is a symbology about rainbows being placed on top of heads, but its appeared three times already in this video so I would guess that specific orientation has some sort of significance. Possible double meaning with the tip of the penis also being called a “head” and most of this being homosexual in nature.

The woman then blares the horn for some seconds, and then there is a transition to Wareheim where the disorienting audio effect of chopped and repeated voice is heavily used.

Wareheim then says

“Why not use our child clowns for your next party or special event?”

No subtlety here. Encouraging use of child sex slaves at parties. Special events are probably satanic rituals and sacrifices, and also blackmail operations by intelligence agencies. The “Why Not?” phrase and attitude reminds me substantially of Katy Perry’s “This is how we do” song. Itself heavily loaded with pedophile imagery. (See also, and a direct link in case it is removed by youtube).

It’s no big deal, It’s no big deal, It’s no big deal
This is no big deal
This is how we do, yeah, chilling, laid back
Straight stuntin’ ya we do it like that
This is how we do, do do, this is how we do
This is how we do, yeah, chilling, laid back

“Why not? Its no big deal. This is what we do.” Celebrities are straight-up telling you they are satanic pedophiles. People really need to start accepting these celebrities’ own admissions of guilt. The sooner these people find out just how big a deal it is, the better.

There is another rainbow wig on the child. The child is wearing an American flag costume which is telling. “Clowns in America” reference to CIA pedophiles. Rainbow on head might imply their control over the country, which was definitely true under Obama in 2010. Remember that this was put out well before Q ever appeared on the scene. Seeing all these rainbow wigs pop up in close association here implies there is a homosexual mafia running things. Or more generally, sexual immorality of all sorts is a substantial basis for controlling people in high level and/or influential positions via blackmail and thus for controlling America as a whole.

Wareheim then says his child clowns are washed and diapered daily, to this image:

The child is hanging from a chain, being sprayed with a relatively high pressure hose. In addition to the slave being restrained, the chain brings to mind execution by hanging. The child is nude from the waste down, although the genitalia is blurred out. Was this an actual picture of a naked child they used? An adult male then pushes a diaper up. The hose is an obvious reference to a penis ejaculating on the child, so we have a double meaning for the word “wash.” In other words, the sex slave children are abused daily by adult pedophiles.

Actual parents put diapers on their baby from the sides, yet this pedo has his hand near the child’s genitalia.

The child is playing a tiny violin, a reference to the common phrase making fun of someone whining and complaining. The children being horribly abused don’t like it and would understandably be very distraught, and these heartless pedos are ridiculing them for it. They truly enjoy inflicting and observing atrocious suffering of children. Remember, this is supposed to be a comedy sketch. What kind of people are laughing at this? There must be a target audience.

They are also ridiculing you, the general public, for complaining that people like these sick fucks should be slowly put into a wood chipper feet first. This is why Trump is renovating Guantanamo bay with 500 million dollars. Any American prison on the mainland would be over-run by a mob out for serious blood when the true extent of the depravity finally comes out.

Wareheim then says that no child clown comes without fake plastic doo-doo, while making sexually suggestive hip thrusting motions.

I am not sure what “fake, plastic” is about or what such a thing would be used for, but in the more apparent meaning he is talking about anally raping children.

In the analysis of the Katy Perry video previously linked, it is suggested that the poop triangle is code for a witches hat in the context of that video [12:13], I don’t know if the same thing is being referenced here. That is, satanic ritual abuse of children involving witches. It suggests excrement is used ritualistically in some way. And now that I think about it, that Helena beat video also had what appeared to be a poop mist come out of a babies mouth in it. What that means I haven’t the faintest, but the implications are disturbing.

Another synchronicity led to this, as I wasn’t aware of it when I came to this section. I was randomly clicking at exactly the right point in the Katy Perry video analysis when he happened to be talking about the poop witches hat while I was writing that part. Its been a while since I watched it all the way through and I didn’t remember that part. I was just trying to quickly check the backup file had downloaded properly.

Wareheim then says

“My child clowns never take breaks.”

But the last word is distorted in the same way as previously discussed. During this, we get a better view of the chain used before. It turns out it is actually a meat hook, rather than a noose. Hard to get a non-blurry screenshot, its easier to make out at 3:15 in the video.

The meat hook lifts the child up onto some sort of stilt apparatus described as an “adult adapter.”

There are more rainbows, and a creepy pedophile drinking a martini. The pedophile has an obvious erection. “Adult adaptor” is some sort of metaphor for adapting to abuse from pedophiles I am sure, though perhaps there is something more specific. The purpose is to bring the child “up to a regular man’s eye level.”

I can’t really make out what the child is holding to analyze it. It might be a Christmas type stocking (stalking?) with “party favors.” The left might look like a guitar if that isn’t it. The only double meaning of the balloons and gifts I can think of is it might be a reference to a pentagram, otherwise I am not sure it has symbology other than showing a party.

This is a good time to mention the original pizzagate controversy resulted from the release of John Podesta’s emails and the pedophile code words he used in them. John Podesta was Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, and gave the concession speech on election night because she was too drunk and belligerent to do it herself. A first for our country. One of the things that came out during research of the Podesta brothers was their fondness for the art of Biljana Djurdjevic. They collected a number of her pieces. Here are some examples:

Pedophiles dressing in costumes like Santa Claus to lure in children. A clown is another costume that could be used, like with John Wayne Gacy. Devil horns/meat hooks in the background
17 Best images about SERBIA: DJURJEVIČ, Bilijana... on Pinterest | Oil on canvas, Activities and ...
This imagery is very similar to the pedophilic music video “Seventeen” by Ladytron

These disturbing images use virtually identical imagery as Ferrell’s and Wareheim’s clown world sketches.

And, don’t forget that Tony Podesta had a statue in the same pose as serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer’s victims. To me this implies Dahmer didn’t just come from nowhere. He learned these ritual killings from someone. Someone Tony Podesta also apparently knows. I have seen reports that Tony Podesta has gone off the grid and nobody knows where he is currently. Him going into hiding isn’t surprising, all things considered.

Tony Podesta with his Jeffrey Dahmer victim statue

a-rare-photo-collection-featuring-never-before-published ...
Jeffrey Dahmer victim

Going back to the clown world videos, Wareheim states “Our clowns are soft to the touch.” While making a cradling baby motion. Then an image of his face appears in the top left, and this image expands while he makes chomping sounds with his teeth at the end of a repeated “soft to the touch”, or else that chopped voice effect his used again to sound like gnashing teeth.

“Soft to the touch” is fairly self explanatory for pedos abusing the children. The chomping teeth is also sexually suggestive. The cradling implies just how young some of the children being abused are. I feel like the way he is holding his hands both around his waist and mouth has some additional meaning. But I don’t know what it is.

Wareheim continues,

“Did you make a mess of our child clowns? Bring ’em back dirty, we’ll hose them off.”

How do you suppose pedophiles were making a mess of the children? The “washer” is again spraying the child with a hose, with the same symbology as the previous hose in addition to the abusive nature of the overt imagery. “Wash” again seems to have a double meaning. He is also wearing a hazmat suit, suggesting biological contamination. I think by this point everyone should know what kind of biological contaminates were involved in “making a mess.” “Wash” is apparently pedo code for ejaculating on the children. Although, the brown coloration of the “mess” may be another reference to poop as we saw earlier.

Wareheim then states,

“And now we have made returning your child clown even easier.”

While a child is thrown from an old, beat up car into a dumpster.

There is the explicit imagery of throwing a child into a dumpster. The car speeds and skids away, suggesting the person is getting away from the scene of their crime. The car is also pretty shitty, suggesting the use of a disposable car and/or self-acknowledgement that these people know how shitty they are. Occasionally, women who abandon their children are known to throw their newborns into a dumpster so another reference to child murder.

I am not a car guy so I asked some internet friends to help me identify it. It might have made sense if they had used a Taurus, the astrological sign for the bull, given the other symbolism. But this is probably a Buick. Maybe a lesabre or a century from the late 80s. I don’t know how that would be symbolic in any way. Maybe someone else has a suggestion.

Wareheim continues with

“and if you don’t like that, I’ve got fuuudge,”

while he rubs his hands together.

An alternative to returning the child sex slave is he has fudge? I honestly don’t know what this means. It sounds like another reference to poop. Perhaps one way of getting rid of used/killed slaves happens at waste treatment plants.

The image then goes to a nearly naked man and woman, with the man rubbing the woman’s stomach. Wareheim says,

“Do you have a discreet adult party that you need clown catering?”

No part of these skits has much if any subtlety with openly showing pedophilia, but this is in my opinion the most explicit part of the whole thing. “Adult party” means sex party. Discreet means hidden and secret because it is highly illegal, not to mention morally reprehensible. Catering child clowns means its a pedophile sex party “catered” by an organized network. I might note the woman looks like she is passed out, possibly drugged and about to be raped. Probably the party is also abusing adult sex slaves in addition to the children. I do not see any symbology in the color choices or design.

Wareheim then says


Clowns is then chopped and repeated using the same jarring audio effect. Wareheim’s image duplicates in the middle, and each moves to the either side of the screen.

His hands are held palm forward on either side of his face, similar to the previous scene when he screamed “soft to the touch.”

I am not 100% sure on the symbology here, but I will take a stab at it. The closest related thing would be the picture of John Podesta with his hands like this, except with Podesta there is a 14 on one hand, and a fish in the other. For Podesta, this is a reference to the Osiris myth. (Discussed further down in this post) I am not going to elaborate on that in great detail here, see the post for that, but the fish is there because when Osiris was cut up by his treacherous brother Set, his wife Isis found all the pieces of his body except his penis which was eaten by a fish. She had to make a penis out solid gold instead before she could resurrect him in order to conceive the child horus. Basically it is a penis idol. There are heavy sexual overtones in the myth. And of course, in the clown video Wareheim is split into pieces just like Osiris was (the splits increase even more in the next scene).

Egyptian mythology is also important in these pedo elite circles. Some have argued that this is where the Jews in exodus learned this stuff originally. Moses smashed the tablets because his people were making a calf Idol after all, which is fairly close to Moloch.

Purely speculatively on my part, the name “NXIVM” for the sex cult may also be a reference to this particular symbology. Keith Rainere was apparently fond of Latin and acronyms, though some say he wasn’t actually very good at it. He named his inner circle harem DOS,

DOS is an acronym for the Latin “dominus obsequious sororium,” which translates loosely as “master over the slave women.”

“NXIVM” is close in look and pronunciation to the latin word “nexum.” Nexum is basically a slave who defaulted on a loan in which he used his freedom as collateral. When he couldn’t pay, he becomes the slave of his usurer.

Given Raniere’s indulgence in bad Latin and acronyms, we can guess the weird spelling is some sort of Acronym revolving around Latin. One word for fish in Latin is “Natans” so there is the N. XIV is roman numeral for the number “14” and several words in latin for penis begin with M, such as Mentula. I am not saying for sure this is what he was going for, but it fits all the clues we know about and would explain why he chose such a weird spelling of Nexum.

When Wareheims two parts get to the outside, they split even more and move to the bottom center of the screen forming a “V” shape. An annoying chopped “aaahh” sound effect plays during this.

This seems like an intentional horn shape to me; another reference to Moloch with the many splits possibly also referencing Osiris being cut up if it is in fact related to Podesta’s hand signal.

Next, it transitions into a new skit where Wareheim introduces himself as “Steve Mahanahan.” We see a similar booth that had the clown drop off dumpster we saw earlier. In the background we see what looks like a body in a body bag in some sort of cart, presumably a dead child. Wareheim is on the Adult Adaptor stilts we saw earlier.

Wareheim then says, heavily distorted,

“I’m going to Jaaail!”

Pedophilia is rightfully illegal, and going to prison is a constant worry for these people.

It then transitions to the clown outlet, where Wareheim vomits into a trashcan with the “wetlogs” logo previously seen on it.

Most of the text is too low resolution to read. “Clown man sucks” and crime scene tape is around the store. Basically the minimal you could expect should the public ever become truly aware of what is going on. The W is missing from clown, so it looks more like “clon.” Not sure about that, it makes the word closer to “clone.”

A man in business attire with a briefcase is sleeping like a bum next to a second garbage can. Most pedophiles are not poor people living in trailers. The are usually professionals with substantial influence and power which is why they are targeted by intelligence agencies to get blackmail material.

The upside down “t” somewhat looks like another sickle reference.

Wareheim then talks about a going out of business sale and says “I touched a clown, now I’m going to jail.” This is stated in one scene, then transitions to an animation of a man’s hairy arm reaching to grope a child sex slave from behind. This slave is the same one with the rainbow wig and American flag costume. Not only is an individual pedophile raping a child, the pedophile network is raping America as a whole.

“I touched” is the chopped and repeated similarly to the previous time this was used earlier while the screen rapidly repeats the above scene in different orientations for each time “touched” is repeated. Most just go back and forth between the orientations above and below.

At the end of this, it sits on the following image with the hands wiggling more obviously showing the child molestation taking place. During this last part “I touched a clown, now I’m going to jail” is repeated in its entirety, but sped up to increase the pitch. Possibly to sound more child like, but also to increase the disorientation. The previous few seconds were extremely disorienting with all the fast cuts and chopped in “touched” words.

A few seconds of incoherent chopped voice effect follows, and it zooms in on his face a bit.

His right eye in the picture, left side from our perspective, looks cat or serpent-like.

Wareheim then says

“I gotta get ridda my clowns”

with additional unnerving chopped audio effects at the end. His eye color has changed from orange/brown back to blue.

He has to “get rid of,” probably kill, the child sex slave clowns because there is a police investigation and he has to get rid of the evidence. Occasionally these rings get caught and they are either low-level enough and/or too hot to cover-up like they did with Epstein’s original arrest in 2007 and 08.

Wareheim states he is having a going out of business clown sale. The end slows down the word “sale” which makes it sound lower. Then we get several closeups of his mouth with gulping noises are added in.

A child sex slave then falls from the sky, he proceeds to knee and then repeatedly hit the child.

The positioning here makes it look like the child sex slave is being hit while also being anally raped.

Wareheim then says

“My father forced me into this child clown business, I fucking hate him.”

A picture of Will Ferrell from earlier is shown.

These cults are a religion which is passed parent to child. They force their own children into it through abuse who grow up to do it again to the next generation. Its a cycle.

Wareheim says,

“But I love my brother, rest in peace Boo Boo.”

The second phrase is significantly slowed down and drawn out.

The death of his brother was actually referenced earlier, but I decided to discuss this all together here. In Ferrell’s part of the clip, he says

“My other son Mike got shot in the face.”

Which is then shown, with the child sex slaves in the background.

As has already been fairly well shown, these people are cultists, and the ultimate sign of dedication to the cult is sacrificing your own children at their rituals. The term “boo-boo” used by Wareheim suggests his brother died at a very young age as a sacrifice despite the picture used. Some children are chosen to be raised in the cult, while others are sacrificed. Maybe sometimes by gunshot.

Wareheim repeats “Rest in peace Boo boo,” this time sped up to have a higher voice while the picture of his “brother” is poorly edited to have a smile. The brother’s portrait then expands to fill up the screen. More chopped sound affects focusing on “boo boo” accompany this.

The scene scene transitions back to Wareheim, where he says

“Look at this clown. He’s funny. He’s got no arms.”

He then laughs sadistically. This is repeated, and sped up to make it sound higher and more evil.

More sadism. Presumably at some of the sacrifices limbs are chopped off before the victim is killed.

This is pretty much the end of the video. Wareheim repeats he needs to get rid of these clowns, he’s going to jail, and finishes with

“I hope they let me keep my beard.”

Beard is stretched out substantially.

I am guessing that these people are sadistic enough that they like to laugh at the lower-level people and/or co-conspirators they betray and get sent to jail for their crimes. That seems like the main theme of this last section. That, and laughing at their own anxiety about it happening to them.

If you still aren’t convinced that something very sinister is happening, and that this is just dark humor I am taking too seriously, my first suggestion is you pull your head out of your ass. They can’t really get much more clear or explicit with you. If you can’t accept what is being made so obvious and shoved in your face, you are a lost cause.

That said, here are some more things which I won’t analyze to the same degree, but which shows this isn’t an isolated incident. For example, the FBI has investigated child exploitation cults before, and recently drew attention to the finders cult.

This site shows this isn’t a unique thing for Eric Wareheim. He has posted a substantial number of strange things on social media.



It isn’t just this once with Will Farrell. Here he is performing as a high priest of Satan in a mock blood ritual on the fairly mainstream Chris Gethard show. That complete scumbag looking guy actually uses “get hard” as his last name. Update: Someone pointed out that the host is first smeared with blood, which could signify human sacrifice. Then he is covered with dirt. As in, “Now we have dirt on you.” By participating in the ritual, Gethard has done something very evil and the network has it on video tape for future blackmail purposes. He is thus controllable by the network and safe to promote to positions of power.

Bizarre sexual references in a fake Pizza ad skit on SNL which includes Ferrell.

Ferrell at a 2011 party with mock cannibalism put on by Marina Abramovic, the same person who was inviting John Podesta to Spirit Cooking parties.


A separate spirit cooking event put on by Marina Abramovic.

Here is Former president Obama wearing a very similar satanic outfit to Ferrell at some costume party.

Which is similar to one of these pedophile drag queens at a recent library story hour for kids. This was at the Michelle Obama library, of course. Lots of people claim Michael is a drag queen herself and that Joan Rivers was killed for telling the media.

Drag-queen demon reads to kids at Michelle Obama Library - WND

Here is James Gunn, director of guardians of the galaxy, among other things, talking about sacrificing a child to Satan to advance his career:

Here are some problematic tweets from Gunn:

The guy doing the interview is Loyd Kaufman, the semi famous founder of Troma studios which made b movies such as the toxic avenger. Here is a very cringey, once you know the the code-words from pizzagate, interview from the 80s:

Here are some questionable tweets from Kaufman:

Here is Dan Harmon, creator of the Rick and Morty cartoon. Which is very popular for reasons I don’t understand. He is simulating raping an infant. This was made before he got Rick and Morty. The execs saw this and decided it was a good idea to give this man his own show.

Here is a link with three separate elite pedophile ring documentaries which pre-date pizzagate. One is the already mentioned Detroux affair, another is about this happening in Hollywood with child actors, and the third has to do with the pedophile ring found in Franklin nebraska in the early 80s.

Here is a documentary specifically on pizzagate, and the evidence there.

Also, out just this week is the sentencing of “John of God” for 19 years for sexual assaults. He was accused by his own daughter of running a sex slave operation where women were bred to create the slave children on the world market like what was mentioned in the Ferrell video. He was praised by the likes of Bill Clinton and Oprah Winfrey. There is also a connection between him and the recent El Paso shooter, of all things. This is discussed at the end of this post.

There isn’t really a good way to end this post, because this isn’t over yet. It won’t be over until these people are in prison or executed. And that won’t happen until people start waking up to the grime reality of our times.

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13 Replies to “Clown World with Will Ferrell”

  1. Good Article! Thanks for your time in writing it. The more people that can wake to these sick f^*ks who they idolize and call stars the better life will be. I’m pretty sure the red car in the video is a 86-91 Oldsmobile Delta 88

  2. Wow….man I don’t even know why Google thought this article was a good idea to read. First, Satire is satire. You really don’t believe everything you see on the internet/ in movies do you? If this is your version of satire, then you got me. Cheers to you and cheers for taking a joke way too far. You might have a future writing for the Onion.

    But holy fucking shit. Satanism? Then throwing in Roman mythology?

    I mean definitely don’t watch Zoolander…or this is the end…. Or any comedic show that doesn’t follow your code/religion.

    Also, USA. Freedom of speech, so long as it’s not a call to action. Will Ferrell is protected against the same amendments that allowed you to write this article. So let him have it.

    About the worst thing I’ve read since someone thought SpongeBob was a imperialist/ invading / sexest. Because the took the mental leap from bikini bottom to bikini atol, and claimed Sandy isn’t a main character. Don’t be that guy.

    1. He won’t go to jail for making a video, but for abusing children and other crimes. Only sick people would find this “satire” funny. Only shills and morons wouldn’t get how fucked up this is despite the ample amounts of evidence, conveniently put here for you.

      1. You really believe these guys are a cult? Some globalist illuminati? They’re ironic hipsters.

        Satanism needs to be reconciled with European Christianitie’s roots. Mastery and Supremacy. Put these fucking hipsters up on the cross.

        The West has made a mockery of itself through commercialising Roman Law and placing the divine among the mundane by French Equal Rights.

  3. Tim Heidecker is the greatest and most prolific artist of our generation. It makes me proud to be an American to see our country produce a man with his talent and vision. You would weaken the cause of patriotism by not including Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job! in the American canon. Tim Heidecker’s artistic works will only become more famous with time and will come to define how our era is remembered.

  4. Ahahah its a comedy skit. This is the most drawn out woosh ive ever read. The comedy is in the satire of how disgusting commercialism can be. Theyre not actually selling child clowns and theyre not saying human trafficking is good.
    Comedy is often dissagreeable to make a point. Im sure of you keep trying that one day you will be able to seperate fact from fiction and better recognise artistic intent.
    If you aggree with everything a comedian is saying thats just someone making statements, not jokes. I dont think you would be much fun at parties when you take everything literally.
    Also in the sketch will ferrel goes to prison for touching a child clown. Im really not sure what your actual problem is.

    1. Yep, nothing will be done to stop these satanic f$cks until people actually acknowledge they are real and in power. Glad to be of service. Though not glad writing this was necessary.

  5. This is a truly awful thing and you are right to look to history for answers. This is abhorrent immoral behavior. You have accurately identified the first level of this conspiracy. I think it might, at this point, be important to understand that this is all leading somewhere. The conspiracy here is plain and evident to everyone who doesn’t allow all of the cognitive traps to veil the facts and conclusions one must draw.

    If my understanding of their ethos is correct, they will not allow this to go unpunished. If you were creating a better world, would you want them with you? Immoral people attract immoral people. A honeypot that attracted people from all around the world might solve this problem. Would it be acceptable not to participate directly, but allow those who are such broken humans to do so? If you want to end this type of thing for good, how wide of a net would you cast?

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