James Gunn: Hollywood pedophile and satan worshiper.

The sublimely autistic people at 4chan, despite their sometimes crass humor, continue to do the world a great service by revealing the darkness among the cultural and political “elites.” Pizzagate was the moment where this knowledge seemed to finally break into the mainstream, although those who were paying attention have known about it for at least 35 years ever since the scandal in Franklin, Nebraska. (I recommend you watch all three documentaries in this last link. #1 is on Hollywood, #2 on the Detroux case in Belgium, and #3 is on the Franklin, Nebraska case)

The most recent example is the exposing of the sickly humored James Gunn, director of a number of films including Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

You can expand the images to read the tweets, but the trend is quite clear. He made quite a few inappropriate pedophilia jokes, and appears to have some association with the pedophile organization North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA). In addition, there is the following clip where he jokes about sacrificing a baby to Satan. Given his seeming long-term obsession with pedophilia, and what has been revealed by pizzagate, one must wonder just how much of a “joke” this actually is. Either way, I am not laughing.

(Originally a clip of Lloyd Kaufmann of troma and Gunn doing a “joke” skit about sacrificing babies to satan was included. The clip seems to have been completely scrubbed from the internet. I have replaced that video with these two. Edit 2: I found it. James gunn discusses sacrificing a child to satan)



And just in case the above gets deleted to, I am hosting it on this site below:

Proving there is (possibly) an exception to ever rule, there is apparently one person in Hollywood with at least some integrity and sense of morality. Lexi Alexander, a filmmaker, called out the Hollywood in-crowd for commonly making pedophilia jokes. Though “pressure” of some sort apparently caused her to delete her account shortly after. Hmm…

“You know…I get that the ‘alt-right’ is going after Hollywood…but is it normal to have that many high profile people within one industry who love to make jokes about pedophilia?” Alexander asked. “An estimated 25% of girls and 16% of boys experience sexual abuse before the age of 18. LOL ?”

We haven’t even begun to go after Hollywood.

To add to this, Rick and Morty creator Dan Harmon apparently created a video where he rapes a baby doll. Don’t believe me? Watch it below: (This is a “censored” version in that his genitalia are blacked out.) Alternate link if youtube deletes it.

Another Hollywood scumbag, Michael Black, also was making tweets about raping babies. Archive in case the tweets get deleted.

  • https://archive.is/HVF4t
  • https://archive.is/yeZTS
  • https://archive.is/cLVhv
  • https://archive.is/sUSez
  • https://archive.is/MarRQ
  • https://archive.is/DbdkX

Archives of these tweets in case they are deleted: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

This stuff isn’t a joke. Be aware of whats going on, and try to help other people become aware.  Perhaps something will finally get done about rampant pedophilia in politics and media.

Since videos like the above have often gotten deleted “mysteriously” after i have made posts in the past, I decided to make an exception and host them locally as well. Please use the original creators channels to watch the videos unless it is deleted, if so you can download the videos here and here.

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