Trump panders to feminists

Trump signs two laws which create programs promoting STEM disciplines to girls.

“It’s not fair and it’s not even smart,” Trump said of the low percentage of women with STEM degrees who actually work in the field. About a quarter of the women with STEM degrees work in the field.


The topic of women in tech has grown more heated over the past few years. Although women account for about 47 percent of the workforce in the US, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, they make up only 25.6 percent of computer and mathematical occupations, and 15.4 percent of architecture and engineering occupations. These days, women earn only 18 percent of computer science degrees. Meanwhile, President Barack Obama‘s administration projected there were more than a half million open jobs in information technology.

Trump signed the bills surrounded by various women like Rep. Barbara Comstock, who introduced the INSPIRE Act, and Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, as well as his daughter Ivanka Trump and First Lady Melania Trump. Vice President Mike Pence was also on hand, along with Texas Rep. Lamar Smith, to name a few.

“That’s really going to be addressed by my administration over the years with more and more of these bills coming out and address the barriers faced by female entrepreneurs and by those in STEM fields,” he said.

Sorry Mr. “suddenly progressive” Trump, it is completely fair that there are not as many women in high IQ fields (and other fields). And there is decades of research indicating exactly why that is. So now he is going to double-down on promoting women in stem, who aren’t suited for it, there by wasting who knows how many millions of taxpayer dollars. Not to mention this will also likely result in more support for wasteful affirmative action which will both make American companies less competitive and make it more difficult for talented men to just get along with making their contributions to society. For anyone who thought Trump was actually going to Make America Great Again, you can rest “easier” knowing that the progressive Cthulhu is still swimming left just as determinedly as it ever was.

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4 Replies to “Trump panders to feminists”

  1. Trump is a 90s Democrat. Frankly, the best thing to come out of Trump is his unwillingness to impose Anglo-American Progressivism, aka Puritanism, on the rest of the world. But in America proper, Cthulhu will indeed keep swimming Left, or at the very least not move an inch to the Right, as he has been doing so far. Ironically, then, Trump will make the world — but not America — greater; by his very anti-globalism. He’ll impose Affirmative Action and Feminism on his own country, but not on the world. Now, that’s really the irony of all ironies, isn’t it?

    1. it was a prediction in neoreaction before trump that any rise of a trump-like figure would only delay the collapse. I think this happening is strong evidence that this is indeed the case. Trump is no savior. Population decline of legacy americans is their biggest issue, bigger than immigration, and these sorts of policies are going to make this even worse. However, a delay overall seems to be what will happen under trump and perhaps that delay will be useful in creating greater organization among anti=cthulhu forces.

  2. if they aren’t going to STEM class then they’ll be going to Women’s Studies, though it is a lost cause

  3. If they want to blow up the economy, then let them proceed. No wonder things are already pretty bad, the US is a declining country, and the debt level is projected to reach a record 150 percent of GDP by 2050. Female scientists publish studies less than half as often as men, and receive fewer citations than their male counterparts. They are 45 percent more likely to quit their job. Men hold 95 percent of patents and therefore invent almost everything. Meanwhile, a female doctor works 25 percent less than a male doctor, and is again more likely to quit her job. In other words, already there is no point in having women in science, as the average woman is far less productive than the average man in the field.

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