Youtube facilitating the sexual exploitation of children

Pizzagate is real. From user Mattswhatisthis.

Unrelated (maybe), but I came across the post image at about the same time so I decided to include it. It is apparently Obama at a costume party after he was no longer president.

And since videos that expose things such as this tend to get removed, here is a copy I will host on my own site. I will take it down if the original creator requests me to.

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4 Replies to “Youtube facilitating the sexual exploitation of children”

  1. These videos were all uploaded by the kids parents or the kids themselves, with parents who aren’t paying attention or don’t care. Parents should not upload videos or photos of their kids to the internet at all, much less youtube.

    I will be sharing this video to all of the young parents I know.

    1. Yep, that is true. And the pedos copy and reupload the videos so when the mistake is finally realized, its too late and the video isn’t going away. At least, not as long as youtube continues to do nothing about it.

  2. Google is promoting pedophilia explicitly.

    Pornography is an ideological tool. Google constantly exposes kids to hardcore pornography at the same time it always says it cares about children, and that these things are abhorrent, but notice they also say that the girls are just being innocent, for Google this is normal, that it is men who are the perverts and that girls should keep doing this as some kind of sexual liberation. The truth is these girls are doing it intentionally to get sexual attention.

    Kids are being systematically sexualized by Google to promote liberal ideology.GOOGLE KNOWS WHAT IT IS DOING. It is completely intentional. There is no doubt about this.
    Feminism have always promoted the idea that girls should dress provocatively to stimulate men sexually, and that they should be promiscuous as empowerment ,but also lesbians, This is what they used to talk in their meetings. They promote prostitution, pornography, to use men’s sexuality for their benefit, this is why they don’t really oppose it but hate the fact that men sense pleasure through the female body, and for this reason is that they hypocritically say that a woman harassing men sexually is herself a victim of “sexual harassment”, the prostitute as a victim, the reverse, thus to blame patriarchy at the same time being protected to keep provoking, to keep abusing the sexuality of men through prostitution, porn, exhibitionism. Men are supposed NOT to say that sexual videos are sexual, therefore wrong and decadent, because otherwise they are called “perverts”. This is basically censorship that protects pedophiles themselves and prostitution. It protects sexualization itself. And Google makes profit from this.
    The way these girls are dressing and behaving is by all means sexual, not innocent at all.

    Homosexualism is another ideology that, as we know very well, is derived from pedophilia(not genetic) and who have always promoted the sexualization and feminization of boys to abuse them. Gender ideology and sexual education seeks to normalize child abuse by calling it “sexual orientation” and “liberation” which inevitably requires men to be demonized. Feminists promoted the idea of abusing their own girls to make them promiscuous, “like men”, as some kind of “sexual equality” (mental problems actually) and thus it is that there are feminist mothers who sexually abused their little girls for that very reason. Pedophiles have always tried to show porn to kids because their idea is that if they become aroused it would be much easier to confuse them, to induce them, to abuse them.
    They are trying to desensitize people to make everyone tolerant of depravities, and they do it through pornography, Hollywood, sexual education, female clothing, Youtube, Google, false accusations:”harassment”, “misogyny”, “hate”, “sexism”, “sexualization”, etc.

    You are right that Google attacks those who expose this. Years ago there were people reporting a pedo mother using his boy to produce sexual videos, and Google refused to remove the videos, they might actually punish you for reporting. When Google was included in a playlist exposing how it promotes sexual videos explicitly(also including videos about pizzagate) Google deleted the account without explaining why except “technical problems”, the account didn’t even had uploaded videos for them to claim it broke some “Google law”. So Google have always been completely aware of this for many years but always does nothing, unless it becomes too public. It is very clear, they are intentionally promoting pedophilia, they are protecting pedophiles and attacking those who report this, but always respond with a false sense of innocence, pretending they don’t have full control of the situation but that they are going to take measures, Google is lying, that is quite evident. LBQT or whatever it’s called is behind this, they are not sane people, they do have mental problems,highly correlated with psychopathy.This is ‘sexual psychopathy’.

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