“Atavisions” The new RSS aggregator feed for Dark Enlightenment related sites.

This was requested by a couple of users on the new /r/darkenlightenment riot.im server, details on how to join here. You can read about RSS aggregators here if you don’t know what they are. It should make it easier to get a quick overview of what new content has been produced by a large number of Darkenlightenment, neoreaction, alt-right and other related sites.

There are actually two new pages: Atavisions and Prolific Atavisions. You can get to these under the “Atavisionary” menu at the top of each page on my site. There are also links available on the /r/darkenlightenment subreddit. Both on the sidebar, and in the top menus in the redesign.

These both update hourly and provide a link to any new posts produced by my list of DE sites. Well, mostly. I couldn’t find working RSS links for all of them. None of the blogspot sites are included because there seems to be an issue across the whole platform and those links. If I figure out a solution I will add them in later.

The difference between the two pages is on how often content is produced. Some sites produce content several times a week, and sometimes several times per day. If I included those with the more sluggish content, the slowpokes would quickly get buried. Therefore I separated them out into two feeds. Slower producers in Atavisions, and fast producers in Prolific Atavisions. The list in the former is a lot longer, however, so I expect new content to be linked in both approximately equally.

This is very similar to what you can find at neorxn.com. However, I believe the list of included sites here is a lot larger so there should be more varied content available there more often. I will also try to add to it as I come across new sites that can be included.

Find other great dissident right content with the two Atavisionary RSS feeds: Atavisions and Prolific Atavisions. In addition, download the free ebook Smart and Sexy to learn what, how and why there are biologically based cognitive differences between the sexes

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