/r/darkenlightenment survives another reddit ban wave, for now

Rumors started yesterday that there was going to be a ban wave on reddit, targeting mostly conservative subs. This appears to be the case, here is a mostly obfuscated list of banned subs. Most notable is they finally banned the previously largest pro-Trump community on the internet, after years of gutting and harassment from the admins. Press F for /r/the_donald. The lack of subtlety here is pretty amazing, and I really wonder how long they will be allowed to get away with it.

Another good sub I liked was /r/consumeproduct, which is also banned. It was mainly a meme sub making fun of SJWs and specifically materialism.

While the day isn’t over yet, it looks like /r/darkenlightenment is going to be spared. If they were going to ban it, I would expect it would have occurred along with the rest of the subs in this wave. Interestingly, /r/theredpill has also been spared in this wave.

Edit: In a prime example of social media collusion, it looks like american rennaisance, radix journal, and Stephen molyneux all had their channels banned. You can assume a large number of other channels have also been banned.

EDIT2: They even banned Donald Trump’s Twitch account. My guess is they are testing the waters with a platform they don’t care what happens to as much just to see what the fall out is. If they get away with it, expect the other platforms to follow suit.

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