In 1997, a 49ers fundraiser had a satanic ritual with sadomasochistic sex acts

People have been quite angry with the NFL lately due to the players, mostly black, not standing for the national anthem. While I don’t have any particular love for the hell that America is becoming, their motives aren’t so pure. They are mainly angry because a relatively small number of black criminals are killed by cops during their often violent crime sprees. Of course, since most whites know this claimed victimhood is false, and certainly not the fault of whites, the majority white audience is turning their back on the league. As a result, attendance at games, the purchasing of tickets, and the ratings are going way downhill.   I thought it would be good to remind people of the time an NFL team got caught being involved with a perverted satanic ritual. In case phony black victims weren’t enough.

From the LA Times:

And then there was the entertainment, all in the flesh: Male and female strippers. A 300-pound sadomasochist performing a live sex act. A leather-clad woman carving a pentagram into the back of a scantily clad man–and that was before her act really took off.

Immediately after the party, Davis told reporters he had no regrets. “Most people said it was the best party they’d ever been to,” he told the San Francisco Chronicle. “And it wasn’t anything compared to the after-party at my house.”

Jack Davis was/is a political consultant who is hired to help politicians with their campaigns. He was helping Mayor Willie Brown with a re-election campaign. Brown was in favor of a new stadium being built for the 49ers, so a number of representatives of the team were present. I believe the following is a real video of the event, as it matches with a description from the San Francisco gate. It is, obviously, somewhat disturbing. A written description will follow if you don’t want to watch it. Keep in mind that this does not include the sex acts which were allegedly performed.

An alternative link for the above video in case it goes down.

From the SF gate

Rev. Steven Johnson Leyba, an ordained priest in the San Francisco-based Church of Satan, had a satanic pentagram carved on his back as part of the entertainment at political consultant Jack Davis’ 50th birthday party Saturday night.

Davis’ evening of debauchery was attended by many of the city’s leading politicos and the top brass for the 49ers — the same folks who’ve hired Davis to convince San Francisco voters that the city needs a new football stadium.

Leyba, who leads a performance troupe called the United Satanic Apache Front, is upset that amid all the uproar over last weekend’s party no one has explained why he goes on stage to be sodomized with a Jack Daniels bottle by a woman who dresses up like Pocahontas.

“Everyone said the strippers got naked, but they didn’t. They were just go-go dancing. The only other person beside me who was naked was someone called ‘The Diesel Dike.’ ” [Said Leyba.]

Leyba wore a sacred ceremonial headdress while a partner carved a satanic star in his back, urinated on it and sodomized Leyba with a bottle of Jack Daniel’s.

It is odd that so many high-profile politicians and people with the 49ers would be involved with something like this. Or is it? (see also) (and this)

I never really liked watching sports, except when friends or relatives wanted to. It just isn’t my thing. It’s not possible for me to watch it any less than I already do regardless of whatever crazy things the leagues do. My father, however, was a very big fan and since I can remember he always bought the expensive cable packages to watch all the games for football, basketball, and baseball. That is all he would watch except for the history channel when there weren’t any sports. Now that he has passed he will no longer be giving these companies and sports leagues his money. The hobby didn’t pass on to me so I will never be a customer. I wonder how many guys my age are moving in the same direction? How many more now that it has become an identity politics issues? How many more because of this event that was forgotten but should be remembered now? I would guess an economically important number for these leagues.

Let’s not forget that this isn’t the only ritual they have in San Francisco. There is also the cremation of care:

This is how former presidential advisor (Reagan) David Gergen reacted when asked about the bohemian grove and the ritual.

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