The Nietzche Club

The Nietzche club posted over at /r/darkenlightenment is requesting for London based students at University College London to contact them and join the club. A noble goal. Though I am not eligible myself not being a student or in Britain, I figured it couldn’t hurt to give them some exposure. So here is a post with their poster.  Email them at

The Nietzche club was recently banned by the cultural marxists and other cathedralites who dominate UCL’s student government. I am not sure what their current status with that is, but I am glad they aren’t going away. Neoreaction should support this club as one of only a few organizations within the umbrella of the dark enlightenment actually working towards in person organization.


A new stickied post on the Nietzche club is up on /r/darkenlightenment.  If you know anyone in London appropriate for the club, please pass along the information to them.

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