Las Vegas shooting theory: Attempted assassination of Saudi Crown prince?

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After the shooting in Las Vegas I made a post which compiled a lot of different videos and testimony about the shooting which strongly suggested that there was more than one shooter. The idea that an old drunk and gambler suddenly went lone gunman can’t really be believed given the data.

Recently, a theory was posted on 4chan which suggests that the public shooting was meant to be a distraction while an assassination attempt against Crown prince of Saudi Arabia Mahammed bin Salman was killed. The would-be assassins being other power brokers in Saudi politics and business. The attempt was apparently foiled either through swift action or dumb luck that Salman had disguised himself as a nobody and gone to a different casino. The reason the top of the Mandalay bay was chosen would have been because Salman owns the 4 seasons which occupies the top floors and was staying there at the time. Here is the theory as explained on 4chan [imgur copy link]:

The VIP video mentioned in the post can be seen below:

I found the following comparison image of Salman with the above VIP here. I am rather unfamiliar with this website or how reliable they are in general, but the comparison picture is worth sharing. You can read their whole article for more of their details.

Now this might be pretty dismissible as a crazy conspiracy theory, but you have to admit it is more than a little coincidental that a little over a month after this possible assassination attempt, the Salman faction orchestrates an unprecedented purge of their political rivals. Seizing what might be hundreds of billions worth of assets. It really makes you think.

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2 Replies to “Las Vegas shooting theory: Attempted assassination of Saudi Crown prince?”

  1. Great theory…..but STILL doesn’t explain who had the 7.62 belt-fed M240B/M60 weapon, BECAUSE IT WAS NOT A 5.56 REPORT HEARD IN THE ORIGINAL VIDEOS.

    Sorry, but THAT is fact.

    Recording? Played through the speakers? Quite a few concert-goers were standing up, saying “THAT’S A RECORDING COMING THROUGH THE SPEAKERS!” Regardless, it was NOT a 5.56

    Finally, “58 innocents killed”


    Especially now, since the Coroner’s Office won’t release names or reports, nor ballistics, and has even gone so far as to refuse a Court Order to do so.

    Sorry, Anonymous; Close….but no cigar. Someone went to an awful lot of trouble to stage a False Flag event – so far even as posting and hiring Crisis Actors on Craigslist.

    ~ Occams

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