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I was looking through /r/darkenlightenment today and saw a post about a neoreactionary club forming in Denver, Colorado. It looks like it was inspired by phalanx, but isn’t connected with it at all.

The group will use Phalanx as a template.  If values align and both groups agree, a merger with Phalanx would likely be desirable.

Is this a legit group or some sort of shill operation? I don’t know and the mods on the sub don’t appear to know either based on the comment they left. If it is legit, then this is a positive development. Rumors have it that the expansion of Phalanx has been rather slow. Their twitter account also hasn’t had a tweet since November and I only know of them having 1 or 2 meetings in British Columbia. Perhaps expansion via the centralized coordination of only a few people just isn’t practical when interest in the dark enlightenment is thinly spread all over the world. In such a case, it is unavoidably necessary to have interested and motivated individuals start things up independently.

I am not convinced it is worth avoiding though. Decentralization, separation, and geopolitically tailored values are supposed to be among the chief guiding principles of neoreaction after all. Forming and keeping such groups mostly separate confers a degree of anti-fragility. This is highly desirable. Personally, I am not sure I agree with the idea of various groups merging into a unified phalanx group as the post hints. Occasionally organizing events together, but retaining separation seems like a better idea. Any thoughts?

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  1. I agree to an extent with the idea of keeping things decentralized. If we start getting too centralized, it starts to resemble activism too much, not to mention it becomes easier to squash us. Part of the strength of NRX compared to leftism, is that we have tons of different centers of thought. Many nodes in the system. Likewise, the left would be crippled severely if you took out only a few of their nodes (like Harvard and the NYT.)

  2. A confederate organization would be the perfect balance. It would be neat to have strong enough rapport between groups that a visiting member of another group would feel comfortable contacting local members when in the area.

    Ultimately though, you want the nexus of control to be within each group and not without. Groups cannot be misdirected by a central authority if they each make decisions on their own.

  3. Phalanx is a post rationalist fraternity. Even if it does take off it will host close to zero of the qualities that made fraternities such a potent force in history. Best case for Nyan sandwhich and his phalanx is a mens club. Theres nothing wrong with this but the extent at which it will be able to do anything will at most be at the same level as the rotary club.

    Now organic development of fraternal organizations, like the one in denver, isnt quite as bad as its possible for such groups to escape the influence of post rationalism almost entirely. This denver group has the potential to reach the level of the Chinese Tong

    looking forward to what the Denver group develops. “Occasionally organizing events together, but retaining separation seems like a better idea.” I concur. It does sound like a far better idea than the alternative.

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