Katy Perry and Pizzagate

WM Briggs recently put out a post in which he describes a new spirit cooking inspired video by Katy Perry called bon appetite. The video itself is quite disturbing and involves cooking and cutting people up to be eaten. Read Briggs’ post for a detailed description. Or watch it at the above link if your stomach can handle the degeneracy. Here is a pizzagate-minded analysis of this video.


That is not the only thing Katy Perry has put out that very obviously has sinister/satanic imagery. When the pizzagate story broke I watched a number of videos on it and one such video went through the song titled this is how we do which had imagery reminiscent of all those pedophile code words that was released in an FBI document. (The previous page has a short description, but also a link to the longer document) (EDIT: Pizzagate wiki has mysteriously been removed from the internet. Here is an archive link)

The following is a youtube video which goes through the imagery and the lyrics and allows you to sift through it to get what it is actually saying and showing. There is too much there, and in the previously mentioned video, for this to all be a coincidence. [EDIT. The original video has been deleted. Of course. But below is a different analysis, though I felt the original might have been a bit better and to the point, this one isn’t bad]


Pizzagate is no joke. It is real. That is my official opinion and its time I publicly stated it. I am quite convinced that our current elites are even more sick and twisted (rather than just stupid) than even neoreaction believed a couple of years ago. However, don’t take my word for it. I highly encourage you to research the details yourself. It is very hard to ignore once you start to understand the evidence in any substantial level of detail.

Hopefully this Seth Rich stuff will blow this shit open so that the scum can be removed.

Edit: Here is a good interview about pizzagate from Red Ice Radio.


30 things to know about pizzagate

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11 Replies to “Katy Perry and Pizzagate”

  1. I think she wants to reveal the horror happening in the elite she probably is forced to join into. And i think she wants to show she doesn’t want to be at the same side of the table. Thats why in the video she is not joining them to their party but switch roles. Years before there were rumours she spoke out about it.
    Also Justin bieber spoke out about his traumatic demonic childdinnerparty(in 2017)in church (he became activechristian.
    In january 2020 he twittered alot of baby pictures with hashtag #yummy
    His new number yummy is about sex. Maybe try to tell something??
    Maybe Their lives are in danger. Also j bieber told he had to do horrible things with the child and afterwards killed him. He refused to kill the kid. But he is probably videotabed doing the other torture to the kid. Remember the ‘life insurance’ Qplan was talking about with videocontent of blackmail video’s like that?

  2. It is part of their religion that what they are up to and intend has to be made available to the population. If they don’t make it known in some form, then it won’t be allowed by god. In other words, a requirement for their plans to reach manifestation is acceptance of those plans by the public. Free will doesn’t allow it to simply be forced. Hence we get videos like Katy Perry’s and many others, where what is happening is broadcasted.


    In her particular case, I think she wanted it. However, in other cases you are probably right. Its cyclical. Victims become abusers.

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