Peter Thiel on the foolishness of the current education system

In my last post I wrote about women making back decisions with respect to education thanks to a report on student debt differences between men and women. However, it is also not the best deal for men either, even if they tend to get more valuable degrees on average. Gaining knowledge is certainly of great value for both individuals and the societies they live in. It is becoming increasingly unclear if our current education system is providing an effective means to disseminate that knowledge. Rather, it seems more and more like an elaborate scam to bilk the middle and lower classes out of tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars per person for the benefit of a large bureaucratic class.

Peter Thiel, who I have mentioned before as a possible crypto-reactionary, has some good comments in the following video on the current state of education. Its too expensive, it is behind the times, and it doesn’t confer as much value as it should given the cost. He advocates decentralization, using technology, to break away from the far-left monoculture of the universities. And also to save tons of money. This is much in line with Moldbug’s concept of the antiversity.

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