Aurini takes the conspiracy pill

[Here is an old interview I did with Aurini on gender differences in intelligence]

Aurini has written an article discussing conspiracies. Like myself, and Anonymous Conservative, reasonable appraisal of time and events has led to the consideration that many things that happen, or at least the tall tales we are told in the media, make more sense as intelligence agency psy-ops rather than organically occurring true events. This transition in thinking isn’t easy. Its quite a blackpill, actually. Being thorough requires re-analyzing every previously held opinion on pretty much any topic or historical event in new context. Often you might end up with opposing and contradictory results from your previous ideas. This can unseat a substantial portion of a person’s self-concept, which for many may be too difficult to bear. The harder someone has been fooled, the harder it is to look that beast straight in the eye and accept it. No one wants to think of themselves as a fool. Nor is re-inventing the self from the foundation up an easy or quick task.

Whatever the difficulty, however, it is important to know and accept reality as it is, not as we would like it to be. I didn’t accept this probability for a long-time myself, so I fully understand those still on the fence about whether such things could actually be possible. Still, I fully believe a sincere love of truth and proper seeking thereof will inevitably lead to this conclusion. The actual formal mechanisms of power and authority in this world have a very large and substantial conspiratorial character.

Aurini helps with that initial misgiving most people experience when first considering conspiratorial possibilities by elucidating the milieu around and psychology of potential conspirators. Understanding what can lead to such groupings in a general theoretical sense can enable an easier acceptance that such things are possible:

The term ‘Conspiracy Theory’ is nothing but a comforting bulwark designed to avoid important questions. Widely believed to have been seeded into the public consciousness by the CIA following the Warren Commission as part of Operation Mockingbird, the term implies that there are limits to the conspiring which powerful organizations will engage in, and that to suppose otherwise is madness. Intelligence agents may lie, cheat, and steal to achieve their ends – but these ends are ultimately for good. Police might go undercover, traffic drugs, and lie during the interrogation – but only to bring the guilty to justice. Businesses might cut corners, exaggerate the benefits, and use psychologically manipulative tactics to sell their products – but at the end of the day their products will still offer the benefit they claim.

To assert that conspiracy theories are a priori false is tantamount to asserting that there is honour amongst thieves. That there are certain lines which nobody but a lone maniac would cross. That large organizations filter out the psychopaths, and prevent them from rising to the top. That somehow – even though all and sundry are demanding that nobody be held to an objective moral standard, while late-stage capitalism focuses with perfect myopia upon the bottom line – that somehow, in spite of all of this, we can trust our institutions to hold themselves in check….

This is why Conspiracy Theories are often so easy to dismiss: just as atheists will attack childish notions of God which were merely intended to introduce the concept to children, so too do debunkers attack the simplistic understanding of conspiracy, while ignoring the higher conceptions. Only 10-15% of men cogitate at the Post-Conventional level, and to perceive the extent to which conspiracies can manifest requires both that Post-Conventional level of cognition, and sufficient worldliness to see the political landscape for what it is…

[Aurini’s Moral-cognitive theory of power] serves to examine the cognitive understanding of how conspiracies manifest, how they might be manifest, as opposed to making conclusions as to which specific conspiracies are presently extant. They will also be categorized by three overlying Schemas, that of the Practical Hustle, Realpolitik, and finally the Moral Abyss.


There is much more, see the rest of the article here.

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