The unoriginality of modern music

I really can’t say more than what this band proves via demonstration. The problem was far worse than I realized, not being a music guy myself.

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5 Replies to “The unoriginality of modern music”

  1. Music, movies, tv, even sports and pornography have all run their course. Someone may call me an old fart, but think about it; the old fart of the past had not seen it all.

  2. It’s not unoriginal. It’s the natural pattern of what the human brain finds appealing. Have you ever enjoyed any of those songs? Yeah? Did you notice they had the same four chords without someone showing you? Didn’t think so. Not everything has to be a social critique.

    1. There is a big difference between originality and enjoyability. Clearly many or most of these songs are enjoyable, but none are particularly original in their musical formula. The lyrics themselves are the only original part, and apparently are highly reliant on a very unoriginal chord combination. That doesn’t mean I hate the songs.

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