Ruqqus silliness and link sharing from now on.

As you may know, the reddit dark enlightenment subreddit was stealth banned a little less than a month before the election in 2020. Convenient timing, but it was expected for a long time before that anyway. The only thing exceptional about DEs ban compared to all the others is they never took down all the historical posts and comments, they just removed the active mods and limited posting and commenting to no one at all. Why DE was handled differently from all the other banned subs, I have no idea.

As a result, I attempted to restart over at Ruqqus. It was slow going, but many people including myself thought ruqqus had a lot of potential as a non-leftist alternative to reddit. But then reddit, still on a banning crusade, decided to ban the MGTOW subreddit a week or so ago. While I have no idea what the numbers were, it is my impression from the activity that subsequently occurred on Ruqqus that most of MGTOW was migrating over to the platform. Which apparently is actually a large number of people. That lasted for a few days until the admins of Ruqqus announced a “pivot,” as they called it, to using as a demo for the software they were developing rather than trying to be a full blown competitor to reddit. As part of that pivot, I guess they ended up banning a lot of /pol/ tier communities as well as the nascent mgtow on ruqqus. [They unbanned it later after severe pushback, but the damage was done by that point] I won’t lie in finding it odd that they didn’t much care about /pol/ tier stuff for however long, but then mgtow came along and that was just a step too far. Logically it doesn’t quite add up because mgtow is pretty well behaved all things considered. I guess there might be more to the drama than that [subversive discord trannies or something], but I don’t care and you probably don’t either.

I don’t know, but I might speculate that ruqqus was meant as a containment zone and maybe was full of agent provocateurs slurring away to discourage joining. To be fair to the ruqqus guys, growing your site isn’t helped by a large population of wignats (whether real or on the FBI and mossad payroll) shitting all over the place. So I can see their side of it in making the pivot. If such was the case, however, then a mass exodus of MGTOW might have turned ruqqus into a more organic platform with real discussion rather than just a containment zone since for the most part they are a pretty sedate community when it comes to slurring and shitposting. But that is just a thought. I have no idea if its anywhere close to the mark. And honestly it doesn’t matter all that much.

A reasonable decision or not, the main thing that makes reddit alternatives desirable is freedom from shitlab censorship. No one needs or wants a reddit alternative that is a couple years behind on censorship, and also has worse functionality and usability. If you want to put up with that, might as well just go back to reddit. Thus a lot of people jumped ship when the banwave happened and while DE is still up on ruqqus, I won’t post to it all the much. Probably just enough to stay as mod of it, in the off-chance there is a rebound for the site some time later on.

There are other reddit alternatives I guess, such as votal. However, at this point such things seem like a lost cause. I suppose I could pray to St. Jude and hope for the best but instead what I will do is use this site to repost the most important/interesting articles I come across. I already have my two RSS feeds which are automatic and cover most of the still active reactionary right from the old days: Atavisions and Prolific Atavisions. And of course, don’t forget that is still going, which is not run by me. So I probably won’t make special posts for those articles unless they are very exceptional and/or I would like to contribute my own analysis. In addition, I recommend Anonymous Conservatives Daily Briefs for interesting daily link compilations. He has a pretty vigorous comment section too.

For articles not already covered by the above, I will try to make short individual posts with a small amount of analysis and/or an excerpt. For a long time I avoided doing this because when I saw other sites doing it, it seemed like a cheap and lazy way to fish for clicks. I felt it was better to use an aggregator like reddit or ruqqus where the format was more conducive to community building and discussion. But now that those alternatives aren’t really an option anymore, I will start doing it myself for the best stuff I find. Not what I wanted to do, but it is what it is.

Find other great dissident right content with the two Atavisionary RSS feeds: Atavisions and Prolific Atavisions. In addition, download the free ebook Smart and Sexy to learn what, how and why there are biologically based cognitive differences between the sexes

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