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There is a lot of confusion out there, and it seems like most of the menu on offer is a non-stop stream of black pills. Jim doesn’t seem to have much hope, for one example. I won’t lie that things seem bad, but remember it is always darkest before the Don. Pun intended. In my last post, I was accused of being an “incurable optimist.” Ironic considering how this blog got its life started… At risk of getting stereotypical, I will inject some more incurable optimism. It is otherwise lacking and shills are out in full force trying to overwhelm the narrative. God-willing it will come true.

In the grand scheme of things, current events are best described as a “Dark Night of the Soul.

The dark night of the soul is a stage in personal development when a person undergoes a difficult and significant transition to a deeper perception of life and their place in it. This enhanced awareness is accompanied by a painful shedding of previous conceptual frameworks such as an identity, relationship, career, habit or belief system that previously allowed them to construct meaning in their life.

Usually such an experience and event is a personal one. What is unusual this time is that everyone across the country, and possibly the world, is experiencing it in parallel at the same time on the same topics. If you were lucky, or rather put in the work for it, you have already experienced this to one degree or another and current events are probably a bit less traumatic than they otherwise would be and are for most people. That is, they aren’t as shocking or surprising. Just being here suggests you at least already knew that Democracy (actually republicanism) is a sham.

One interesting take-away is the caveat that now needs to be added to any analysis of democratic systems. It is highly likely that this isn’t the first time an election has been rigged. In fact, most or all of them probably have been ever since they started doing them. All of our criticism thus is against cheated democratic systems, rather than the real deal. That isn’t to say the real deal wouldn’t be pretty bad, it probably would and for the reasons neoreaction has put forward, but we probably don’t have any actual real-world examples of such a system to criticize. Or at least not for anything more important than who will be the county dog-catcher. Such critical efforts are thus purely theoretical. That is a pretty important caveat if you ask me.

“Democracy is a sham” is a pretty big red-pill for a lot of people. And for most of the country that still believed in the quintessential myth of American Democracy up until November 3rd, this realization is no doubt incredibly traumatic. They are for the first time grappling with the reality that they have been lied to. They are wondering how far back the lie goes, and they aren’t much liking where this road leads. Anger, fear, despair and a host of other emotions accompany this revelation. And the bigger the revelation, the more intense the emotions. But also the more intense the inevitable awakening and increase in understanding. And the desire for change.

Real growth, spiritual and otherwise, requires these moments for both the individual and perhaps more uniquely in this case the entire American society. Moving towards truth requires knowing the lies and releasing them so that understanding more in line with truth can take its place. America and perhaps the world is having this moment now. They had to have this moment as tough as it is emotionally. Otherwise, the motivation for change simply would not be great enough to actually do it as a nation, and as a world. Now, thanks to the widespread knowledge of this fraud, America has found the will it needs to make unprecedented changes. “The beginning of a way out of this dreary underworld is to be conscious where you were once na├»ve.” I believe the end result will be much, much better than the farcical regime we have suffered under for so many years. I am even optimistic that the change will be so great and positive that there won’t be a need for blogs like this one which specialize in pointing out the lies inherent to regime propaganda. A public discourse operated on the principles of good-faith is on the way. Hard to believe, I know.

Current events are just as necessary for the theoretical storm to occur as they are for a complete victory of globohomo. The mass amount of people have to want that change and view what is coming as necessary before it can actually be done. They had to have the dark night of the soul before they could develop the requisite will for positive growth and change. Also, the deep state had to commit their crimes first before they could be arrested for it. Whether I am correct or whether the doom-pillers are correct won’t be known until early February at the earliest. Pray for truth to win.

And on that note, please watch this interview with Lt. General McInerny (click on the tweet as it is spread over several tweets).


EDIT: source video:


In case that interview gets deleted, the important take-away is they have the evidence of the Hammer and Scorecard election rigging software being used, the national coordination of the fraud, and the “invasion” of the capital building was used by the white hats as an opportunity to collect evidence from the congress critters. Notably Nancy Pelosi. That explains why she can’t wait 13 days to remove Trump. They apparently got the evidence. This is not over by a long shot, and when the storm does happen the public will be ready for it. Without current events going as they have, the public wouldn’t have been ready for it so these events were necessary however demoralizing the may feel like at the moment.

Lastly, I will leave you with this 4chan thread by based leaf; may he forever dodge the rake. (If someone could archive that, it would be good. For whatever reason I can’t access archive.is anymore to do so myself even with a vpn. I don’t think its down.) Below is the first image post, but there is a lot more analysis in the thread. Do yourself a favor and look through his comments and consider the alternative possibilities behind recent events.

Also, here is the Mypillow guy on Bitchute. He wants to spread white pills too. Good to share with despairing normie family members. Buy a pillow if he turns out to be right.

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