Cuckold Sweden

The city of Malmö, Sweden has experienced a large number of explosions this year. At least 30 with 3 hand grenade explosions in the last week. So many that they have requested for help from the national government.

“I am not surprised anymore,” Erica Eliasson, a mother out with her toddler in central Malmö, told the Swedish news agency, TT.

“Something seems to happen every day. It is worrying because this is obviously escalating. I’m wondering whether the police are doing enough because I do not notice more police now than before.

“Since the New Year, Malmö has suffered, on average, a detonation a week. On Friday night there was another explosion in a residential area, but nobody was injured.

I am sure this is just a coincidence, but Malmö is 20% Muslim. No reason for the article to bring up this fact or for it to try to give us any idea about the profiles of the perpetrators. Race has nothing to do with violence and disorder whatsoever. Sweden will remain a peaceful, happy country even when the white population has been reduced to a minority and eventually subjected to a good, old-fashioned genocide once the new arrivals have sufficient numbers to feel they can get away with it. Killing whites is after all OK because all whites are evil by virtue of being white.

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