Confession of a recovering cultist of progressivism


When I was an SJW Leftist I experienced a feeling a perverse glee at the deaths of Antonin Scalia, Andrew Breitbart, and others. Leftism creates a sort of bloodlust in its adherents and I’m happy to be free of it!

I’m no spring chicken… I’m in my mid-thirties and I’d been a leftist for my entire adult life. I voted for Gore, Kerry, Obama x2, and I was prepared to vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016. But something happened. The leftist house of cards fell very quickly for me…and boy, am I glad it did.

I am reading Brietbart’s autobiography right now and I was able to recall the absolute GLEE I felt when this man died… at 43, leaving a wife and four children behind. I wasn’t troubled by this reaction at all at the time. My ideology had stripped him of his humanity and made him a subhuman creature whose extinction was meant to be celebrated. He wasn’t the only one either… I recall similar feelings when Antonin Scalia died, for example.

I’m so happy to be free of the oppressive, dehumanizing cult that is progressive thought. It’s fantastic to be able to celebrate life in all of its forms now!

If you had told me that some loud-mouthed billionaire reality star would have been the impetus I needed to re-examine the way I had seen the political world for two decades… I’d have told you that you were crazy!

Leftism is a violent cult. Its adherents suffer from a mind virus which destroys rational and reasonable thought. They want you dead, and would happily celebrate your death by pissing on your corpse. However, it isn’t impossible to reduce or remove this mind virus thus converting a dangerous and destructive cultist back into a thinking human being. We should try to generate instances of this solution as much as possible.  We can thank Trump for steering people in the right direction, even if he doesn’t go as far as we would prefer.

Also, keep in mind that Breitbart was in all likelihood killed for his attempts to expose child abuse and pedophilia among the governing elite years before pizzagate became common knowledge. He knew John Podesta was the prince of pedos all the way back in 2011. Given what is otherwise known thanks to wikileaks, there is also good reason to suspect that the Podesta brothers were involved in the 2007 disappearance of Madeleine McCann, a very young girl. [edit: has been removed from the internet].

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