Maps of Detroit

I think these images speak for themselves. Here is a crime map of Detroit, Michigan:

crime map detroit

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Here is a map of the ethnic concentrations of Detroit from the 2010 census. Red is white, blue is black, and orange is Hispanic.  Source image is from wikipedia.


When leftists claim to want a conversation about race, something tells me they are hoping we just ignore things like this. Actually, the police are no longer reporting crime locations so that people can’t put 2 and 2 together. The elites really don’t want people to know about black crime it seems. I guess if the information isn’t publicly available, they hope that the conversation about race will go favorably for their delusions.

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4 thoughts on “Maps of Detroit

  1. And if neighborhoods were ethnically segregated and policed themselves, who would care?

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  3. […] of explaining is likely to ever work. Only segregation or very intense, no-nonsense policing of problematic minorities could address this. The only long-term solution for a tendency for violent crime is regular […]

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